Pros: I built this pc to replace my old 32 bit laptop which was slowly declining, and it's doing an outstanding job. The build itself was quite easy to put together, and the corsair 200r case was extremely easy to work with. Also, It was great that the graphics card worked right out of the box with linux.

Cons: There wasn't a place for the USB 3.0 front panel header to go on the motherboard, and only one fan out of the two in the case could be used.

Other: Other than that, there were no problems. Booted up immediately without any tinkering, and installed xubuntu from a flash drive without changing any BIOS settings. It was a really nice experience to build a computer, and I hope to do it again. I will add ratings after I've used this build for a longer period of time.

Also, this is my first build. Any constructive criticism would be appreciated.


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