I was building an upgrade from an old amd fx-6300 system I had for a couple of years and this is the first PC I've build by myself. I did have a problem with my motherboard having a bent pin but an exacto blade was able to straighten it out and now it runs beautifully. I have purchased an i9-9900KF processor that I am waiting to be shipped to me for running virtual machines the 8c 8t werent really cutting it.

Overall for my first build I am pretty proud of what the outcome was. BTW dont mind the cable management for the set up its being worked on as currently.

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  • 4 months ago
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Looks very nice, the cablemanagment from the front is on point too! A few things I would've changed are: 1. Another motherboard (sorry, the brown isn't really doing it for me) and I don't think the vrms will be strong enough to properly handle a 9900ks 2. And another thing, it's not really a must but more just a recommendation which I have and I thought it looked sick. The Corsair vengeance rgb pro lighting enhancement kit (dummy rgb modules) And maybe get like a strip or something to make it a bit more flashy, wouldn't have said this if you hadn't gone with rgb ram xD