I recently built this system to replace my somewhat ageing but still capable i7-4790K which was coupled with a GTX 1080 and 32Gb DDR3 Ram.

It took me a good while to spec out the parts for this build, there were a few things I wanted, which was 32Gb or RAM as I sometimes play flight sims which are just a memory hogs, 16Gb wasn't going to be enough, I wanted great airflow so I could run fans slower but maintain low temperatures and something with a little RGB, not a lot just something I could have as subtle as I wanted or if I felt like it all the colours of the rainbow, so this was the spec I went with after well over a month of contemplating other build ideas.

As for the build itself it was pretty easy and straight forwards especially in the Phanteks Eclipse P600S case, the easy removable side panels and great accessibility mean everything fitted without any problems at all, the only thing that was a bit tricky was working out and managing all the cabling from the AIO however it is an excellent cooler and I'm glad I decided to go with it over all the other options.

Performance wise I am very impressed, in terms of overclocking the CPU I haven't bothered I've just left it default as It manages itself brilliantly clocking to maximum boost clock when being utilised and then drops to base clocks and lower on idle. As for the RAM however I have overclocked that because Ryzen loves fast ram, the kit I have is 2 x 16Gb DIMM's dual rank Micron E-Die, by default the XMP profile is 3200CL16 and they do this with one click in the bios without any issues, I have though got them running easily without any problems at 3600CL16 at 1.4v after manually tuning the timings using the Ryzen DRAM Calculator where my latency is now under 70ns, this memory is seriously impressive for the price, definitely worth considering IMHO and all done on the Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite motherboard.

My current RAM timings are as follows: 3600Mhz - CL 16, tRCD 19, tRP 16, tRAS 36, tRC 58, CR 1T with many other settings manually tuned also but there are the primary ones.

There is just one tip I will give to anyone trying to overclock RAM on a Gigabyte motherboard (not sure about other boards but the same might be true) if you are only using 2 DIMM's (dual channel) make sure you use DIMM slots A2 & B2, not A1 & B1 as those slots do not perform the same as A2 & B2, I've tested this and it is 100% fact.

The GPU so far has been left stock as this boosts automatically over 2Ghz without me doing anything and remains at around an average of 60c when playing games at 1440p without a capped framerate, I might look at overclocking this with OC Scanner in MSI Afterburner but at the moment I am more than happy with this performance.

The Coolermaster Masterliquid ML360R is something else that I'm seriously impressed with, the issue I had was working out the cabling for it and how to get it tidy which just took some time and patience but performance is excellent, the CPU is averaging 60c consistently when under load in the case with the front and top panels removed for the best airflow possible and the 360mm radiator installed in the front pulling air into the case with the 3 fans which Phanteks provide at the rear and 2 up top as exhausts.

Fans have been set up with Gigabyte Smart Fan 5 software and are very efficient but also very quiet, I'm surprised how well this actually worked.

Now a couple of numbers, not many as I've not done a lot of benchmarking yet, I've more to do but so far here are a couple:-

Cinebench R15 - 2115

3DMark Fire Strike - 24,447

So far I am impressed with the build, I knew it was going to be a step up, not massive in terms of fps gains but I have made gains, if I had to sum it up I'd say it is the perfect build for ultra high 1440p buttery smooth gaming.

Part Reviews


Excellent processor, nothing else I can say, it's amazing value and performance in one package.

CPU Cooler

This is an excellent AIO if you have room for it, the only reason I have not given it 5 stars is because the setup in terms of cables and connections is a little tricky and time consuming, if it wasn't for that it would have been 5 stars and the performance is brilliant. I love the aRGB also which works flawlessly with the Gigabyte X570 Elite and is managed by its RGB Fusion software.


Probably the best value X570 currently on the market with a seriously impressive VRM. I've had not issues with anything on the board, the BIOS is easy to understand and use, the RGB Fusion software just works with everything connected to it that states it works with RGB Fusion (although I know a lot of people have issues with this, I've not had any) and the memory overclocking is rock solid, I have my 3200CL16 kit running at 3600CL16 at 1.4v without and issues at all. Great motherboard when you look at what others cost.


Amazing value RAM kit, performance may vary however I have got mine running 3600CL16 without any issues at all, this Micron E-Die is some good stuff (you die type may vary).


Amazingly fast NVMe drive, Windows 10 was installed in under 10 minutes which is staggering. Boot times are amazing and program loading times too.


Best SSD's out there IMHO.

Video Card

Automatically boosts over 2Ghz, remains cool and quiet without me doing anything to it, straight out of the box this is an amazing GPU.


Brilliant case, excellent airflow and accessibility to build it, easily removable side panels, they just slide up and off their hinges.

Power Supply

A trusty PSU from Corsair, had an earlier model of the RM850 back in 2013 and went for another.

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Nice build! I always like RGB fans behind the mesh in a P600S.