Used mainly for gaming, but also productivity and creativity (school, budgeting, light photoshop work). I also run Windows Server 2012 R2 with DHCP, DNS, and Active Directory roles installed and configured on a Hyper-V VM. On my other Hyper-V VM, I run Ubuntu Server 15.04 which runs my Plex Media Server.

This build was pretty simple. It will handle all the current games at max settings and maintain 45-60 FPS, while still running both VMs, Steam, Utorrent, Razer Comms, Skype, Amazon Music Player, numerous Chrome sessions (each with numerous tabs open), and various other programs from time to time. Once SSD pricing comes down, I plan to buy a 1TB SSD and dedicate it to my games library. It's not necessary, but honestly, neither is a quad-monitor setup (counting my projector as one monitor).

Other thoughts:

The SSD mounts on the H440's power supply shroud allow you to dedicate all 3.5" bays to high capacity spinning platter drives; I'm only using 2 of 6 3.5" bays right now, but for you storage junkies out there, those bays shouldn't be wasted on a tiny SSD.

Some might question the decision to go with a Toshiba drive as my mass media drive, but for those of you who don't know, Toshiba is made by Hitachi (rebranded as Toshiba). According to recent Blackblaze reports, Hitachi makes some of the most reliable drives. Also, the drive is a 7200 RPM drive. Comparably priced Seagate and WD drives came in at 5900 RPM.

The 850W power supply is overkill for this build, but will cover any future upgrades (SLI) and any overclocking that I may do down the line.

For those of you who have the room, gaming on a ~100" projector display is amazing. You'll need ~9.5' of "throw" (distance from the front of the projector to the wall) to hit ~100". Gaming at 60FPS and 1080P on a ~100" display is a gamer's wet dream come true.


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How are those headphones?

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They are light and comfortable. The audio quality lives up to Senheisser's reputation also!