This will primarily be used for gaming, lets not kid ourselves, but also school work. His old rig wasn't bad just built in 2013, even then it only has a GTX 970 in it. This should, I hope, last him through high school till he goes to college. As for the actual build, the MSI 2060 Super was picked over the non-super for performance tests. To be fair it will be driving his 1080p 144hz monitor. Everything fits just as it should. I was surprised how much room between the rad and GPU, I thought it was going to be longer. The GPU is almost too thick, and the supplied GPU "kickstand" that comes with the case doesn't fit. So when the fans spin up you can hear them rubbing on the metal of the case accent running down the middle. To fix this I've put the end of a zip tie near the back of it to keep it up just enough to not hit or cause damage to any component, and you can't even see it. The only thing I would change is the RAM and the ONLY reason for that is the LEDs. Though Corsair says it works with Mystic Lights, it does not so they're stuck on rainbow puke while everything else can be set to matching colors.

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