Finally taking the time to let everyone know that I did complete my 1st new computer build this last fall and am now getting around to posting the results here on PC partpicker. I am completely happy with it. I have been flying Xplane 11 on it for almost a full year and just love it. If it hadn't been for Draggons55 input I don’t think I could ever have pulled this off by myself. His parts list made it all come together, so a big Thank You to Draggons55! I use the new desktop every day and all of the components are working great. Thank you PCpartspicker for having this wonderful website for all of us. Your parts lists, and build guides really made this possible! The only thing that I would have done different; I wouldn't have gone so cheap on the case. It is ok, but I wish that I would have gone with its big brother instead.

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x plane gang

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X-plane gang 2. I also built a PC for X-plane