Welcome to my first build.. I stopped playing PC about 8 years ago and now i am getting back in to it. Pretty much just to play CS GO and a couple of other games. Anyway i got pretty excited and rushed in to this build with out doing much parts research.. But i am still happy with this build dose what i want it to do.. I ran in to some trouble with my motherboard, had to claim warranty so pretty much dismantled my complete system an rebuilt it.. This Build was done Perth WA Australia so choices for parts are limited.

CPU: I chose this CPU because i intended on using integrated graphics to begin with an upgrade to a dedicated later on. The A10 6800K was the fastest CPU available to me at the time.

CPU COOLER: I went with a Cooler Master 212X pretty much cause i wanted it to have 120mm fan CPU cooling. This was added after the build when i had motherboard issues and had to rebuild my system from scratch.

MOTHERBOARD: I also chose this motherboard because it supports integrated graphics and it has all the other features i was looking for.

RAM: Just standard 1600 DDR3 ram cheapest i could find. In hindsight should of got lower profile ram to suit my CPU cooler.

HD: This was the cheapest 1TB hard drive i could find.. I will add a SSD later.

GPU: Again this was a good price for what i want to be doing and i thought 2GB was plenty and i liked the 2 fans for cooling.

PSU: Probably going to get criticized for this one. Yes i will be changing it and yes i did no research for this one, i just seen 750 watt an got it.

Case: Just upgraded to a NZXT S340 love this case..

Had a blast building and cant wait to build a new system an not this one.


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For PSU i recommend:

Corsair: HXi, AX,AXi, RMx,RMi

EVGA: G2, GS, GQ, B2, P2, T2

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Great build for CS: GO +1

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you didnt need that much wattage and good idea on changing it. i recommend a corsair or evga PSU (corsair highe quality series)

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the 212X is one beefy cooler

it kept my 130W TDP QX6800 at 60+ degrees at load

you should be able to push your A10 to at least 4.6GHz and above

i heard some could hit 4.8GHz with decent cooling but most likely water cooling

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Yeah i just put a second fan on the cooler so its push and pull.. See what the temps are an then i will over clock it.

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i remember someone has done it

it only bring around 2-3 degrees drop in temps

the stock fan is a in between the airflow and static pressure fan

i could not find any fan of similar spec even under the Coolermaster range

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