My very first build, been saving slowly for a bit over a year now, and finally it is done! I was originally using the mouse and drives with another computer I was borrowing until this one was done.

The computer runs very well and I am quite proud of it as my first build.

It is meant to be a high end gaming pc without too much overkill, and I hope it will last for a while.

It runs games and great framerates, CS:S at the cap of 300fps, Insurgency at 120-220fps, Tribes Ascend at 122fps and JC2MP at 115fps, all on the highest settings, I will get some more framerates later.

As I don't have anything to compare it to, I don't know if it is loud or quiet for a gaming pc, it does not sound too loud to me, both the cooler and graphics card inaudible because of the case fans which, while a little loud, are not as load as my headphones when I take them off and hold them at arms length away from me.

Sorry about the pictures, took them very quickly with my iPhone and could not be bothered to open it up and get better lighting. At least they are better than nothing.


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Nice build. Why so high end cpu and gpu for the type of games you play though?

  • 68 months ago
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I wanted to (I know) future proof it a little.Both the CPU and GPU are overclockable, and neither run too hot right now. They run games well and the CPU has hyperthreading, which I think will be used a lot more in applications in the future.

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+1 for posting the build on my b-day.