Ladies, Gentleman and others not desiring to be classified by societal monikers, here it is PANDA X!!! Why Panda X you might be asking yourself? Well because I'm really not a big fan of all the red and black scheme builds. I wanted to go with blue and black but then really wanted to get the KFA2/GALAX 1080HOF but couldn't at this point justify that kind of cash for a GPU, hence the EXOC so it morphed into PANDA X because it's black, white and asian all at the same time...just like a panda.

So this is my second build, first build was done in Australia in 2007 and can be seen here. This build lasted me about 10 years and was in serious need of an upgrade, so much so that when I built it I inteded to OC but never did and if I treid now it would still barely beat a potato, (mostly due to lack of driver support).

My first iteration of this build was to just strip my old PC and drop in a new Skylake MOBO, CPU and a GTX970 and a new SSD since the power consumption wasn't much more than my current setup in fact it might have been less. BUUUUUUUUT then I found out about Pascal and my budget soon expanded. I thought if I'm gonna upgrade I might as well go whole hog and get something I can stick with for another decade or so. So I sat and I waited, and I researched, and waited and read rumors, and waited...and then finally 1080s were released to much joy and fanfare and heavenly horn playing. I waited some more for the stocks of partner boards to start hitting the online retailers, found some really good deals on MOBO CPU combos from Intel and dropped the hammer on the full purchse in June....and then waited, and waited and waited...until the middle of August before my MOBO, CPU and GPU arrived because the EXOC took soooo damn long to get shipped. But then it took mere hours to get built and up and running. So far I love it, it's fast, it's quiet and IMO it looks awesome.

Part Reviews


CPU does CPU things...can't wait till I start OCing it

CPU Cooler

This thing is silent and goes great with my build scheme


haven't played with this much yet but building on it was a breeze


THIS THING IS FAST...i love it for the quick boot time and load speed


Yeah this was a bit overkill but whatever

Video Card

so far so good...just wish I could turn off the red fan LED...only negative I have so far


This case is great, awesome silence, easy to build in, is like 3/4 the footprint of my old case

Power Supply

I only wish I could get custom cables for this for a bit cheaper than the price I paid for it...we'll see if it is good as reviews say it is when I start to OC.

Operating System

Is windows, is 10


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Nice build! I have a question about your CPU cooler though. Do you know if you can replace the stock fan with a different 120 mm fan? Thanks

  • 38 months ago
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I would expect that you could change the fan out as you can remove the wire bracket from the fan. Just be sure your clearance is still good for the RAM

  • 38 months ago
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Alright, thanks :)

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Hay love the computer. I have a very similar machine, same case etc. i have to get the cpu cooler is all, what is your experience with this basic one, is it good. would you go for another one. im worried about install and performance mainly.

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I love the cooler so far. It was easy to put in..far easier than I expected based on it's size. It's super quiet and I have it daisy chained to the 2x PWM F12's up front so that they work together to regulate temps and sound. I choose this over the Cooler Master 212 EVO that most people seem to go for for a few of reasons.

1) it's white, and looks sexy,

2)It has lower dbA,

3) it's white, and looks sexy,

4)it actually cools better based on all the reviews and tests I researched,

5) it's white, and looks sexy,

6)Has better case and RAM clearance,

And finally, it's white, and looks sexy!!!!!

IMO there is nothing to be worried about on the install. It was the easiest fan I've ever put in and performance so far it has barely broken a sweat...I used the MOBO software to play with a custom profile and cranked it to 90% and it was almost as loud as a stock Intel cooler, and that was with both side and the front panel off.

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can you turn off fan led but geforce logo stay on from software?

  • 28 months ago
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Hi KylonX how is the leadex gold treating you?

  • 4 months ago
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Hi bestjira, sorry this is so late I'm not on here much but the leadex is awesome I have never had an issue with it and has more than enough power to handle the Overclocking i do.

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Nice build, but that 1tb ssd is a complete waist of money. Could've been spent on a second 1080

  • 38 months ago
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Yeah the SSD is probably a little bit of a waste but I had bought it as a backup drive for my old HDDs but decided to drop it into this as a data storage drive. OS and highest used programs get put on the M.2. Plus I don't go super crazy with the graphics so putting 2x 1080 was even more of a waste IMO.

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