So this is my first build. I did not have any problems during the build, but I ordered the wrong cablemods. I cheaped out with the GPU because I wanted 11g but didn't have the money for a 2080ti so I got a 1080ti secondhand (scared me too while buying it, but it is working perfectly).

What still bothers me is that I didn't buy a better Motherboard, that's something that needs to be better in the next build. I couldn't plug in the USB Type-C from the front IO.

I didn't overclock yet, I hope I can get the I7 to about 5Ghz. If you have any advice for me or maybe have overclocked some of the same parts please leave a comment on what I need to look out for or what software you can recommend me.

I have been streaming on twitch with it (by the way and it is running pretty well. With some games (like WatchDog2) I needed to change from software to GPU encoding and for Battlefield 5 I always need to go with software encoding. I would like to do a 2 PC stream but I think I need to grow first before my Setup for streaming grows.

What really bothers me is that sometimes in Adobe After Effects I am at 95% of Ram usage but my wallet doesn't like the idea of more Ram.

But I really love my pc and I hope to build some more in the future. And wish me luck with overclocking.

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looks amazing

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