This was an upgrade from a Core2Duo system, and my first "Look At Me" build. All parts were obtained from my local Micro Center store. The components were installed and the unit was running in an afternoon. The power supply fan rubbed on it's grille when installed upside down to take advantage of the filtered air intake on the bottom of the case, so I had to reinstall it fan up. The CPU was easily overclocked to 4.0GHz using the MSI OCGenie button on the bios control panel. The memory was clocked up to it's rated speed of 1866MHz. I obtained a commercial orange crate graphic from the net and had my local FedEx/Kinkos print it up on a transparent self-adhesive backing. The big MSI badge was included with the motherboard, and the small badges were obtained from eBay. The huge Thermaltake double-fan CPU cooler left plenty of room for the finned memory modules, plus it looks cool and has orange trim, too! The red LED strips have a standard Molex connector and easily hook up to standard hard drive power connector. The case had plenty of room behind the motherboard and handy openings to route cables out of sight, plus plenty of loops for cable ties. It's the neatest looking cabling I have ever done. 3DMark11 says it will not run on this system, so I have downloaded the latest FutureMark test suite. Final rating on a very mildly overclocked system was 5612, or better than 57% of other builds. A super gaming system was rated at (hee, hee) OVER 9000 !!! FSX flight sim gets a bit odd under WIN 8.1, but runs great at max graphics. I will be obtaining the latest version of Phoenix RC flight simulator for Christmas. The demo runs great and looks fantastic, so I can practice flying during the winter. I am also a fan of Second Life, and I can easily get a greater frame rate (60 to120FPS) than the game runs at (about 45FPS). On a final note, I have added a multi-card reader for loading photos and video.

(edit) Have overclocked the video card with no cooling problems. Core clock: 1150MHz, Memory clock: 6880MHz. FurMark benchmark test at 1280 x 720 (I only have a 720p monitor) is 4542 @ 75FPS, 60,000ms. Firestrike score: 6189. Graphics: 7063, Physics:8032 Combined: 2724. Better than 69%, up 12%!

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