Besides custom loop I went ahead and got the nzxt kraken x72 installed with Corsair RGB fans.. the biggest pain in the *** was hiding these rgb wires but as you can see it was well worth it. The only thing I need is the commander pro controller to be able to plug in and have full control over the rgb fans. Since this pc will be for both gaming and graphic work I had to go for the best of the best and get a 2080ti card. At the time of purchase most all evga ti cards were sold out if not I would of went for the xc2 but instead settled for the xc ultra. Still an amazing card it runs any game I throw at it on ultra settings running 1440p (2k) @ 144fps on a 2k 144hz curved 32inch samsung monitor.. damn what a step up from boring my old 60fps ps4 pro gaming. Everything is smooth I cant complain. I thought I might have overdone it with the lian li rgb lights but they fit just fine and I get everyones compliments on seeing them so it was worth the pain of installing them. Overall very happy with this build and no matter what console comes out in the future, im sticking with pc gaming for sure.

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