This build was completed around June 2015. I recently cleaned out all of the components, managed the cables, and added the Hyper 212 EVO, so I thought I would take some pictures.

At the time I had around a $1k budget and a free license for Windows 7 Pro (which I upgraded to 10). I didn't want to go for an aggressive gaming look. I didn't expect this case to hide so much of the build. You can't even see the motherboard if you remove the side panel unless you look hard enough. However, the airflow on this build is impeccable. When I put my hand above the chassis the air blows cold even on a hot day.

The miniITX mobo proves to be problematic because I have limited options in terms of upgrading. No SLI support, no additional PCIe slots for a M.2 SSD, and no support for the 6th gen Skylake processors has me wanting to rebuild.


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can we have a better photo?

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More photos? Great build.