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First Build (budget build)

by Blizzard



CPU Clock Rate

3.5 GHz

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.1 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

5.7 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

28.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

65.0° C


CPU- I chose this CPU because I have heard some very good reviews of it, I couldn't afford an intel core i5 and it's an extremely good budget CPU.

Motherboard- I picked this motherboard because I like the asrock bios, it was cheapish (I paid £60, then the price went down just after it got dispatched -.-), it has a usb 3 header (although it's put in a stupid place), it has crossfire capabilities, and it had everything I needed on it :).

Graphics card- Originally I was going to get an HD7870 but when I was looking around on scan I found this for £15 more and it has a better cooler (I think) and it came with a free copy of battlefield 4! I have overclocked it to the max it can go (1100mhz) and under full load the gpu is always under 65 degrees and the fan speed is only 49%. Overall I really like this card and would recommend it.

HDD- My friend had already bought this for his build and he liked it and recommended it to me.

RAM- Alot of people use this RAM and like it, and so do I. I decided to get the low profile edition as it would give me more of a range of CPU coolers to pick from.

Case- I love this case, it looks good, alot of room for cable management, has a built in fan controller that can control up to 7 fans, and it has a window. But I couldn't install my hard drive into the modular bays as they are not wide enough so I can only use the bottom two to install 3.5 inch hard drives :(.

PSU-I bought this off my mate for £40 and it is only 3 months old, it was powering a gtx650ti boost and an i5 4430 so it wasn't being strained at all and it is in perfect condition.

I have just ordered two cooler master sickleflow red LED fans to put in the top (i'm gonna try and dis-able the blue LED's in the fan so I can still use it.) I think red LED's will suit an AMD build :P, i am going to upgrade the cpu cooler when I next get a good amount of money (any recommendations would be appreciated!) I might get a dark rock pro2 cooler. My uncle gave me windows 7 professional 64 bit for free :). Overall i'm glad with this build it runs BF4 at 720p, ultra settings, average 65fps and my old laptop has 1gb RAM and an intel celeron single core 2.2ghz so I desperately needed to upgrade. Overall it cost me about £540/$879.77.

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JohnTsams 1 Build 11 points 64 months ago

The Performance/Doll-hairs is high in this build.

Blizzard submitter 1 Build 1 point 64 months ago


[comment deleted]
max4998 1 point 36 months ago

not really the best thing to say... love the build btw

xBlood_Monkey 10 Builds 3 points 64 months ago

Very nice build. You may want to remove that upper hard drive cage if it's not in use, so as to allow for better airflow.

Happy gaming. :)

Blizzard submitter 1 Build 1 point 64 months ago

Thanks,I will do now, and you too :P

DeathClap 1 Build 2 points 64 months ago

how is the video card treating you? Nice build btw.

Blizzard submitter 1 Build 2 points 64 months ago

The graphics card is really good, I would highly recommend it, the fans are next to silent. Thanks

resin34 1 point 64 months ago

First off, very nice build(price vs preformance). Also what kind of FPS are you getting in some games?

Blizzard submitter 1 Build 2 points 64 months ago

Thanks, I only have a 720p monitor at the moment but I play bioshock infinite at very high 80-105fps depending on what's happening, dishonored at very high 61fps, Battlefield 4 at ultra 65-85 depending on what's happening and arma 2 OA dayZ mod at very high at 45-55fps sometimes I have to put it down to high if i'm in a city as it will drop to about 30-40fps.

resin34 0 points 64 months ago

perhaps get a 1080p monitor and get a 280x or something similar :) Thanks for anwsering

Blizzard submitter 1 Build 3 points 64 months ago

I'm going to buy a 1080p monitor with my christmas money along with a CPU cooler, and I think the 270 will be fine for now and if I need a performance boost then I can buy another one and crossfire them :)

resin34 1 point 64 months ago

cool, enjoy your HD gaming :)

Emperor200 1 Build 1 point 64 months ago

Those middle hard drive cages do seem like they would be able to house 3.5 drives. Or at least from the picture. If you put the your HDD up next to it, is it a comparable size or much bigger? A little stretching would be fine. But, if youre not going to use them anyway, then take it out. +! though.Nice build.

Blizzard submitter 1 Build 1 point 64 months ago

NZXT state that they are compatible with 3.5inch drives but when I tried placing my hard drive in it was too big so I had to use the bottom cages, and also when you look at the cages by itself you can see a slight flex in the mounts :s. Thank you :)

HK_Rage 1 Build 1 point 64 months ago

Why did you go with such an expensive Case for a budget build? the NZXT 210 is $40 and it has cable management.

Blizzard submitter 1 Build 2 points 64 months ago

Because I really like this case and there is no point in getting a cheap case as I will keep the case for a long time and upgrade the components inside it. Also one of my friends got a cheap case for his budget build and he ended up having to buy a new case so it was actually more expensive to get the cheap case.

lamb_llama 1 Build 1 point 64 months ago

love the case! not going to lie there really is not a lot of room to work in one though. +1 you did it :)

Blizzard submitter 1 Build 2 points 64 months ago

Thanks, I didn't find it small to work in at all but this is my first build so I have nothing to compare it too :)

sgt1115 1 point 64 months ago

This build is awesome mate!

Blizzard submitter 1 Build 1 point 64 months ago

Thanks! :)

Sidewynda 1 point 63 months ago

Was there any issue between the board and gpu? There's a compatibility flag raised in your parts list.

Blizzard submitter 1 Build 1 point 63 months ago

No there wasn't, PcPartPicker probably flagged a compatibility issue as the motherboard only has 2nd gen pcie slots where as the gpu is a 3rd gen pcie card.

GuidingHorizon 1 point 63 months ago

Love the build! I was actually looking into doing a very similar build. Do you feel you have any bottle-necking issues running with a FX-6300 CPU and a R9 270 GPU?

Blizzard submitter 1 Build 2 points 63 months ago

Thanks! And no I wouldn't think so, I run all of my games at the highest settings at 1080p with atleast 45fps

GuidingHorizon 2 points 63 months ago

Good deal, I guess that settles it for me. Thanks for the feedback.

tbom1208 1 point 62 months ago

I would go with 2 sticks of ram in the future because dual channel ram increases performance and it is highly bennifical if one stick dies then you can still function with out it.

isaacdevil 1 point 54 months ago

Nice build! U should find a 2x4GB RAM kit so u can have duel-channel memory which is more efficient than having one 8GB ram stick.

isaacdevil 1 point 54 months ago

Its not 2 necessary I think if your performance is good.

MisterRedBird 1 point 51 months ago

How's that CPU working out? And how's that graphics card? The build I'm working on is very similar to yours, literally almost the same

Blizzard submitter 1 Build 1 point 51 months ago

The CPU handles everything fine and I don't think you can get a cpu any better for the price however If you want to play the Arma series and DayZ SA it will not run well in multiplayer. I have ordered a new motherboard to overclock the CPU an see if those games will run better seeing as Arma 2 is one of my favorite games. The graphics card runs every game I play (apart from Arma) at it's max settings with 60fps however it does not seem to boost, but that might be a faulty card I have but I cba to do anything about it. So I would recommend these components maybe spend a little extra for the R9 270x. But if you want to play the Arma series then i'd recommend an i3 or try find a used 3570k or something similar.

Ssebastian 1 point 15 months ago

This is a nice budget build, I might just save up for it to use it myself.

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max4998 1 point 36 months ago

uh yours cost about 600 his is about 400??