This is my current setup. When I first built the PC it had a Galaxy GTX 670 OC and a corsair CX750. Just over the summer I added in the Corsair h60, MSI GTX 980 Ti, and the Seasonic G750 psu along with the new Acer g257hu monitor. (AMAZING MONITOR!!!) The monitor only cost me about $250 and I absolutely love it!

Overclock: i5 3570k @ 4.6ghz with 1.240v -gaming temp= 62c -Prime95 Temp= 88c -Gtx 980 ti running at 1470mhz turbo (not the best but it's good enough) -Highest temp= 76c

Future Upgrade Path: Build all new high end AMD Zen PC on release with high end gigabyte motherboard, Corsair H90, 1tb Samsung 850 EVO SSD, Rosewill THOR V2 Black case, and 16gb DDR4 RAM. Move my GTX 980Ti and Seasonic G750 psu into the future Zen PC. Then put my GTX 670 and Corsair CX750 back into current build.


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nice build, but RIP cable management :P

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Ill be building a new computer soon, so I'm not really worried about cable management. The monitor is great except for the small amount of IPS glow on the bottom corners but its only noticeable in TW3. It has good colors and a very good refresh rate so FPS games are no problem. Overall, I couldn't be happier with the monitor.