I use my pc mainly for gaming a little scripting and other stuff.

Problems: I've had a problem when i changed gpu from a 1060 6gb to a 2080ti, that the gpu dindt send a display signal to my moniters... fixed it by starting the pc without a dedicated gpu. c:

I've had a problem with my samsung 960 evo 500gb. That it just died randomly so i decied to buy a new 500gb sata ssd i could use while mine was in samsungs RMA. Samsung was so kind to send me a newer 500 gb evo plus (tho it cost almost half the price then the 960 evo).

Had a fun problem where I moutned my radiator fans wrong so instead of 2 blowing air out, and 1 in. I had 2 blowing in and 1 out.

I was also apperently really unlucky in the silicon lottery with my cpu I can max bump it up to 4,8 ghz on all cores... without temps going over 85... (update got a 4,9 oc with intels auto oc tool)

One annoying thing about the ml 120 is the LEDs are going straight into my eye when i'm far enough back on my chair :/

I have paid around 4.000$ for the pc without accessories. All included except old keyboard and old mice it was 5460$ I just love to be a dane with 25% sales taxes <3

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Epic gamer.

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TY so much <3