First time build. Approximately $1300 build + accessories.


  • It was a tight fit getting the PCI-E power connectors to the graphics card. The optical bay made it difficult.
  • I was planning on using the two 120mm that came with the prodigy on the top of the case as exhausts, but I quickly realized that they were too thick to fit. It conflicted with the optical bay and the H80i radiator/fans. (Side note: Both the H80i and 230mm fan in the front are being used as intakes.)
  • I mounted the H80i radiator/fans first and so had trouble completely screwing in the back two mounts for the motherboard onto the case. I'm going to try tightening them with a smaller screwdriver.
  • Cable management wasn't the best especially on the front panel side as you can clearly see. Nothing's strained though.

Everything seems to be working fine.

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