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Cheap Work Build ($266 USD)

by NJTalkinghead



CPU Clock Rate



This was a cheap build I did for an office. They paid me for the build itself and three months service ($100). They did not inform me that they would need a WiFi adapter until I already started ordering, hence the PCI-E Wireless Card being put in later.
Everything installed nicely and worked out okay. I installed a crack of Windows 7 to test everything and ran it myself for about a week off and on. When they gave me Windows to install, it was a Windows 8 upgrade version, and it worked fine! I hope they won't have any problems with that later on, but it looks like that serial works. I have read about this working for people.
Other than that, this was a fun thing to do and made me a little money for the build I'm thinking of creating for myself.
Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures.

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Mercilesslee 1 point 54 months ago

This is awesome. Were boot up times long? Did it seem relatively quick well quick as in word processing and internet use?

I may be selling an old laptop for $250 this could be a really fun way to do my first ever build/

NJTalkinghead submitter 1 Build 1 point 54 months ago

Boot times were fine. I didn't really test word processing, but internet browsing worked great.
It cannot run games. I tested Path of Exile for ***** and giggles - not playable.
This build should work fine as a work computer and that's relatively it.
I should probably add that this build goes into sleep mode nicely.

yupkim 1 point 53 months ago

It is very similar to what I was about build for my wife for her basic use, similar to business use you described. I thought about that case, but have you considered Silverstone PS for a very similar price? Did Rosewill case provide you any better cable routing? and Why not 1600 Mhz DRAM for almost same price? Was it lower CAS like 9? I am glad that it sleeps well. How about waking up though, was it quick enough? :-)

NJTalkinghead submitter 1 Build 1 point 53 months ago

I like silverstone, but I never worked with or owned a silverstone. The rosewill is a good case for the money. The one I used opened on both sides (you do need to have good cable management for the back - or trouble closing). I have considered silverstone because its a nice looking case. The RAM was the right price at the time. I was told to get the price down and had to cut corners. You may not need to for your wife's build. From what I remember it wakes up okay. I haven't seen the computer for awhile, but my friend sitting next to me tells me its running well.