Built around some parts on sale on Amazon AU, mainly the cpu (ryzen 5 2600x), case (corsair crystal 460x) and mobo (asus TUF x470-plus gaming)

Temps seem fine (cpu is at ~65-70 deg celsius during prime95), but the actual building process was pretty painful for a newbie like me (even with help!)

I've set the RAM to the 3200mhz auto profile in BIOS because it was initially at 2xxx mhz, nothing else has been changed - the cpu boost seems to be doing its thing pretty well.

Part Reviews


Runs everything I want it to well, and temps seem fine with my setup.

CPU Cooler

Pretty, supports iCue, and seems to be working well. A couple of annoyances during installation:

  • the mounting mechanism on my amd socket was unusual and difficult to figure out, and the manual didn't clarify the installation for this socket type

  • I'm not sure how often I'd be able to unscrew and re-screw the fans into the radiator as it's hard to see if my holes line up from the viewing angles that you get while working on the pc - sometimes when I'm screwing in, it feels a bit harder than I expect. I wouldn't be surprised if the holes got messed up if I keep needing to take the fans off for adjustments.

Still though, it seems to work well cause my cpu temps seem pretty good.


It works, it looks pretty, and the manual told me everything I needed to build the thing. For a first build I don't really have a frame of reference against other mobos but this one seemed to work well.

Only thing is the RAM was a pretty tight fit, so I'm not sure if it's the mobo's fault or the RAM's.

Also, it seems this mobo has that big bulky bit where the back panel connections are. It looks kinda cool but it got in the way of cable management. There's a small gap between the big bulky back panel bit and the other bulky bit that comes out to the right of it, and I managed to thread some cables through there. I would've preferred if that was a full "tunnel" style gap or if the big bulky bit just didn't exist though.

Picked this one up for a good discount, would've bought a b450 mobo otherwise.


It works, the only thing is the RAM was a pretty tight fit, which got me a bit scared and frustrated while building, so I'm not sure if it's the mobo's fault or the RAM's.


Fast, cheap, works. I picked this one up at a good discount, apparently crucial isn't known for their ssds though so we'll see in a few years time if it lasts.


Good value and it works. The SATA cable it came with was at an annoying angle though so I just used the modular cable from my PSU.

Video Card

Seems to work well. Looks pretty, has a lot of fans, runs the stuff I need it to run well. Has a little notch to the left of its connectors where you can fit cables through (at least that's what I think it's for), which helped a lot with cable management (my cpu power cable and went through here and down into my psu.)

Only shame is that half of the pretty lights come out from the gaps underneath where the fans are, so you can't actually see them.


This thing really is so damn pretty for a good price (on sale as well!)...

It supports a lot of stuff and comes with a lot of cool stuff for what I assume to be a fairly ok priced and compact atx case.

  • 3 rgb fans! (no icue support without their extra lighting controllers though, which I didn't get)
  • dust filters everywhere!
  • tempered glass front and one side panel!
  • cool sheath cover thingies for the psu and hard drive bay!
  • supports 240mm radiator/fans up top!

but a lot of annoyances as well, that made it a difficult case to build in... especially for a first timer like me

  • if you're getting water cooling mounted up top like me, you NEED low profile ram. I got lucky and didn't realize until after I had ordered my cooler and ram, and it's a really snug fit but it does fit!

  • once you get everything all set up (psu/hard drive bay sheaths in, rgb in, etc) there is significantly less room to fiddle with things and store cables! The rgb controller takes up space, the sheaths take up space and make it hard to modify things in that area without removing them, the ssd drive bays in the back take up space, etc etc... all the while there isn't much room in the back to begin with!

    • If you want to mess with your psu cables after the sheaths and hard drive bay are all screwed in, good luck... It won't be easy.
  • You need to do a lot of cable recon to figure out where you can pop all your cables. After my first go at the build, it all worked but my cables were a mess - almost all of it was in FRONT of the mobo + components. I eventually took two days working like an entire afternoon each day to disconnect lots of stuff and fit it into the back, my back panel was a bit of a tight fit because of the aforementioned lack of space back there.

    Places that you can fit your cables:

    • the cable holes with the rubbery openings, obviously

    • I didn't see at first because my mobo was covering half of it (and I assume my mobo is standard atx size), but you can fit cables into the 2-3 holes at the top! this was really handy for my corsair h100i water cooler which had a bunch of fan control + rgb cables.

    • the sheaths/covers at the bottom has a hole to put cables through!

    • you can remove the ssd drive bays behind the mobo!

    • the gaps behind the psu slot and hard drive bay slot

All in all, looks pretty and picked it up for good price, comes with lots of goodies, but doesn't have much space because of it.

If you're a first timer like me and want to minimize your suffering you should probably get another case.

But if you don't mind the extra pain and effort, then it'll force you to learn how to manage your cables and learn the value of planning before you screw everything in.

Power Supply

Seems like a great quality product, modular cables are handy too. I just wish some of those connections weren't so insanely tight! I'm just a nerd, I'm not very strong. Half the time I was worried about either my mobo breaking or my fingers breaking while disconnecting and reconnecting this stuff.

Case Fan

Cool and quiet, the build quality itself seems great. The price is pretty high compared to the non-chromax version here in aus though which makes me wonder if it's worth it, assuming that the performance is similar or only marginally better than the non-chromax version. I wish it had some rgbs to fit the rest of my build but I don't mind the colorful selection of corner pads.

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