I think I've settled in with this monster after a couple upgrades and updates over the past few years.

This guy is used for heavy gaming and media consumption.

I had very few issues with any of the builds, and most, if not all of them, were due to faulty purchased parts.

It took me a few years to save enough for the monitor/GPU combo, but it was soooooo worth it; not that the GTX 970, 1080p 60hz panel, and then 2k 60hz panel that I was "stuck" with weren't still awesome.

What started as a "budget" build of around $1,500 that came from a Macbook Pro that I needed to sell for some car money, slowly became a very solid high end pseudo dream machine.

Even though I spent a large amount on the total of this, it was pretty carefully made with components that I scrounged around for in the deals of the interwebs. Unfortunately, some of those prices were a bit higher than I wanted due to some of the market issues that plagued us builders over the years, like the RAM shortage b.s., but I'm incredibly happy with the final product.

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