New Year, New Build. So i haven't bought or built a PC in over 10 years and i thought it was time to do something about that. It's nothing too serious or overboard. I just wanted a clean build (yes with all the RGB) to game and watch movies on. So to show all that off i had to start with the Lian Li PC 0-11 Dynamic in black. An obvious choice it seemed to me with its large tempered glass panels for maximum viewing pleasure and its vase cooling capabilities made it an easy choice for me.

My MOBO of choice is the basic entry level MSI MPG Gaming Plus. So far it has all the necessary features i need in an easy to use package, with OC capabilities. With 2 M.2 spaces i was able to have my boot drive and my game drive both be NVMe. So, I went with two Samsung 970 Evo, one at 500GB for my boot drive and another 1TB as my game drive. A bit over the top as far as storage goes but it's going to be all games and i wanted top tier performance.

Speaking of top tier performance i had to have an I9-9900K. This was and is the center of my build and the starting point for it. I watched a lot of videos, read a lot of reviews, contemplated over and over, Do i need it? Is it overkill? Does it really matter? How much better than an i7-9700 could it be? Well i can't tell you because i only have an old dual core Athlon to compare to. Oh, and to cool that beast is Corsairs H100i RGB Platinum. RGB+1

Next up is RAM. That thing got a hemi? NO It's got 32GB of Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro DDR4-3200. I couldn't settle for less and more is far too expensive. Thus my middle-ground purchase. RGB+1

Onto the GPU, i knew it had to be something powerful, but i also knew i would likely replace it in the near future. With Nvidia teasing its 3000 series lineup and AMD with the potential RX 5k continuance or whatever they call their new lineup, I went with an RTX 2070 Super. 2080 supers and ti founders editions were slightly out of my price point and given the rest of the hardware I'm using i didn't see much sense in anything more.

I had to give myself another RGB+1 and get a 3 pack of Corsairs LL120RGB Fans and i have to say, hate the RGBENIS all you want but they really help tie it all together, and keeping everything inside in the Corsair world has proven helpful. I'll also be adding another row of three LL120 or QL120 fans along the bottom in the near future

So to power all of this is Corsairs RMx 850Watt 80+ Gold PSU. A fully modular ATX PSU with more than enough power for this build.

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