I wanted a PC to play modded games for quite some time. Playing Skyrim on PS3 at 20fps wasn't cutting it, and constant Fallout crashes weren't helping. I originally wanted to buy a pre-built PC from somewhere like cyberpowerpc or ibuypower, but with the help of LinusTechTips and the Tom'sHardware community, I decided to build it from scratch. I put a good year into researching the components and how they work, and I'm glad I did. And with all that, I found the greatness that is Steam. I named this beauty after the Daedric price Nocturnal. Enjoy...

CPU - The i5 was perfect for my needs. I wanted a fast processor that could handle modded Skyrim, Fallout and Payday 2.

Motherboard - I was actually torn between the Z97-A and the MSI Z97 Gaming 5. The I/O shield was a little tricky to line up with the motherboard, but I quickly figured it out.

RAM - I know 16 gigs is a little overkill, but it was on sale and it's nice to have a little breathing room.

SSD - The PC boots up in about 7 seconds! I knew SSDs were fast, but damn, this is SUPER fast!

HDD - 1TB, not much else to say.

GPU - The 960 is perfect for my needs: 1080p gaming at 60fps. Plus, the card looks fantastic!

Case - A bit bigger than I thought, but it fits everything and it looks great, would recommend.

PSU - Had to install it upside down because of issues plugging in the 8-pin CPU connector, but other than that it's great.

Optical Drive - Got it for $20

OS - Windows 8.1, a little hard getting used to, but I'll figure it out in due time

Wireless Network Adapter - I think it came DOA :(

Monitor - At the time of typing this, it hasn't arrived yet; it should be here tomorrow.

Speakers - They sound great! The subwoofer is a little small, but oh well.

It was a blast to build and only took about two hours. I'm impatiently waiting for the summer Steam sales... Hello PC Master Race!!!!!!!

Update: The network card wasn't dead, just needed a good re-adjusting. My monitor arrived and I'm speechless. By far the best monitor for $130! I've been told the cable management isn't too attractive, so I'll tidy it up.


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36 degrees under load.Good job man!

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Sorry for the atrocious picture quality - took them with my phone. I'll get some more up there soon. I might want to flip the PSU over so the fan is up, but then my 8-pin CPU cable won't fit through the back, so it might just be ugly and go straight from the PSU to the mobo. Let me know if I should! :)

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Very good looking build all EXCEPT for the cable management. Clean that up a bit and you will be just fine! +1

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