Fourth version of my first actual build(other 3 were mainly brainstorming), mainly used for 3d animation, but anyways, please comment so this build could possibly improve! :D

4.1 edition- salvaged some parts PCI 2 slot USB 1.0 expansion card- from the desktop I used as a little kid(in the picture under the graphic card)

320 GB HD from old laptop-from the laptop I used before this-surprisingly worked with the desktop SATA connectors.(not in the picture) connector

CPU cooler, does an amazing job, is dead silent, and keeps the CPU cool, at around 1500 rpm

Thermal compound- I don't even know how to rate thermal compound o.o

Mobo-pretty amazing, and very nice design, along with user-friendly software

Memory- not sure how to rate it, but it works well for me.

SSD- it is fast? got it for a good deal as well.

Hard drive- if I had to get rid of one part, this would be it, primarily because I only got 90% of promised data-1.8 tb only, but still it is beyond the amount I practically need

Video card- the main star of the build, I can literally run any game I have on max setting and still get pristine quality. however, it is astoundingly expensive in price and power consumption, requiring a bigger PSU

Case- amazing cable management, and design- love the rear leds. but the window tends to occasionally gain static for the first few weeks, and appears slightly scratched, and the front and top panels are hell to remove. but for my needs, it is pretty great

Power supply- again, not sure how to rate, but it seems to be providing enough power for this build.

Optical drive- one of the less spectacular parts of the build, for the reason it can get incredibly noisy at times.

Monitor- really great for the price, no problems yet lighting-literally floods the case with amazing light, but 2 problems on the inside- the internal module is bulky, and if it weren't for the amazing case, I wouldn't have been able to fit it inside at all. the second problem is kind of my own, but the brightness needs to be able to get lower so I don't get blinded every time I open the case(lol you can see this in the pictures), and also have light inside the case, and the remote receiver could be a little longer.

Well, that's it.


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