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Probably overkill

by kslade



Date Published

Dec. 9, 2017

CPU Clock Rate

3.7 GHz

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.569 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

11.124 GHz


My last gaming/general computing build in late 2010 lasted me almost 7 years. Initially I wanted to put the build in the Corsair Carbide Series Air 240, but when it came time to fit the video card in, it just wasn't going to happen because of clearance issues with the GPU radiator and the motherboard because the top of the case was too low.

So I went back and redid my case research and lo and behold I found the H400i from NZXT. This case was perfect for my mATX build, and while it has a very different footprint from the Air 240 (it's basically just a mid tower), I could sense that it had the same simplicity and 'yes we thought of that' that most of the Air 240's features represented to me. Anyway, you will see a couple of parts in the initial 'box' picture that did not make it into the H400i because they were intended for the Air 240.

The build is pretty quiet (but not quite silent), fast, and cool. Some of my choices were probably overkill, but I don't mind too much - it's been a great build so far and I'm hoping it lasts me another 7 years.

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drferrell 2 Builds 2 points 16 months ago

I'd say it's more blue than overkill (I'm blue da ba de da ba die)

Searash 2 Builds 1 point 16 months ago

Wow looks great ! Hows the temps in the case?

kslade submitter 1 Build 2 points 16 months ago

Corsair link says the idle for most of the parts is around 25-35 C (indoor temp in my house is currently about 21-22 C), under load I think the highest I've seen was maybe 45-55 C. To be honest, I'm not terribly worried about the temperature so I haven't been keeping a close eye on it.

Soules56 2 Builds 1 point 16 months ago

Nice build it looks good! I do wonder how you came to that particular mother board though? Everything seems top tier except for that, so just curious really.

kslade submitter 1 Build 1 point 16 months ago

There is suprisingly few Micro ATX motherboards for LGA 1151 compatible with the Intel Z370 chipset. If you do a search for motherboards, currently you should only see 4 motherboards that pass those 3 criteria.

I didn't like the looks of the Asus or MSI - too much weird crap on them that looked like it might cause clearance issues in a small case. The Gigabyte one was the same story, but didn't even look like it was even available anywhere yet. The ASRock looked nice and simple without all of the garbage that those had on them.

Bearded_Gentleman 1 point 16 months ago

Having completed the build (looks awesome by the way), how much clearance did you have with the rear radiator and the motherboard? Could you use one of the new Asus Strix motherboards with the “double decker” heatsink, or was clearance still an issue even with the ASRock motherboard?

kslade submitter 1 Build 1 point 16 months ago

In the H400i case, the rear radiator is, more or less, adjacent to the motherboard backplate. So I think as long as the motherboard isn't taller than its own backplate, you shouldn't have clearance issues.

If you were to mount it up top instead of on the back, though, I think you'd run into issues with anything thicker than a normal case fan. It's basically the same issue I had with the Corsair case.

WarSlayr 1 Build 1 point 16 months ago

Probably Overkill? Who cares?. Who makes the rules? No limits makes the rules!.

LuisGG 1 point 16 months ago

How has been your experience with the mobo, what are your OC settings? Stable so far?

kslade submitter 1 Build 1 point 16 months ago

The motherboard has gotten a couple of firmware updates already, which isn't incredibly surprising given the Intel ME vulnerabilities disclosed recently.

I haven't given OC a go yet, but I don't think it'll be hard to get a decent, stable OC out of it - the A-Tuning software seems fairly straightforward. I'm no OC expert, though, so anything beyond the EZ OC settings will probably be more work than I want to do.

pincuz 1 point 15 months ago

You put together a very nice rig!

I've got a similar setup (with the difference that I opted for the Alphacool Eisbaer 360MM cooler) and I must say that I am very satisfied with this motherboard so far. I was able to push the 8700k @ 4.7 stable on all 6 cores. I created a few profiles with ThrottleStop, and so far so good.

noxovac93 1 point 14 months ago

How is your experience with CAM?

revel2k9 3 Builds 1 point 13 months ago

Looking good! Just curious.... I'm considering a custom loop in this case. Do you think it'd be possible to fit two 240 rads in this case? Would really like to pull off a custom loop in this case and fill it up, think it would be pretty sick looking.

kslade submitter 1 Build 1 point 13 months ago

Since I haven't fiddled with the innards of the machine since finishing the build, I'll reference an earlier post: if you want to put anything up top, it probably can't be much thicker than a normal case fan unless you want to start running into motherboard clearance issues.

If you used thinner than normal fans on the top radiator, it might work? The mounting holes up top are a bit more toward the glass side of the case, which could help a little, maybe. For my specific setup, I think the RAM's location on the motherboard has a high likelihood of being in the way. It would probably be a very tight fit if you managed it; that's part of the cost of smaller form factors I guess.

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