This is the computer I built for gaming, streaming, and some video editing. It is extremely quiet, only audible when nothing else in the room is making noise or you're really close to it. It is also extremely fast, booting in only a few seconds. It runs extremely cool, and looks cool too (pictures don't do it justice due to crappy lighting). The one complaint I have is that Corsair Link is not detecting the H100i GTX, but I think that is a problem with Windows 10. I am currently using the non-activated version of Windows 10 for now, and don't use the computer for much right now until I get a HDD. Updates will come as they happen.

Update 5/23/2016: New HDD came in last Friday, and I now have some #D printed fan grills on the exterior fans.

Update 7/8/2016: Just updated Corsair Link and it detects my H100i GTX now, so the Corsair logo LED is red now.

~CTM Pharaohcrab Studios

Click the link to see all the parts that will be going into the build.


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