I built this for the living room figuring it would keep the wife off my back.

PROS Quiet, and Quick. No problems with heat. HD movies play great on a 50" screen.

CONS Using the Hauppauge remote with anything but Windows Media Center or WinTV has been nothing but a headache. Ive tried programming it to work with XBMC with no satisfactory outcome. I also connected Direct TV through it and found that it greatly reduces the picture quality. Knowing that now, I think I would go another route.

The case needed alot of work, nothing lined up and the screw holes were off there mark. But it gave me something to tinker with, and turned out great.

Wife is still on my back.


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I don't mean to be that guy, but maybe if you consulted the forums first you would have gotten more for your money and higher quality components.

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windows and the ram are inflated the price here, everything else seems fine for what it is

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  • Windows 7 ultimate instead of a home edition, which is meant for consumers. I don't think he will be doing any professional applications on his living room media PC

  • 16gb of ram for a media PC?

  • Logisys PSU?

  • Older fx4100 and chipset when he could easily buy a 750k and an fm2 or fm2+ motherboard, or even an APU setup would be more fitting

  • A heatsink that performs the same as stock

  • A gt 630? Why?

  • 100$ for a caviar green 2tb? You can get a 3tb barracuda drive for that price

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  • yes, I agree that Windows is inflating the price here...
  • again,
  • What's wrong with the PSU? $30, it's a budget build
  • Agree on APU but don't have an opinion on AMD stuff
  • $9 heatsink, it's a wash
  • Agree on the "why" for the 630
  • Agree he could have made a better choice on hard drive
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So the one thing you disagree on is the PSU. for all I know it may work fine for his purposes. But, if he had gone in a cheaper route he could have afforded something like a CX500 or the Evga 500B and be assured that he won't fry anything in the future

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16 gigs of ram for a media pc???

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I'm just amazed on how much you spent on this.You could of gotten better quality for the price.