As it was my first build I decided to take things slow, take my time at it and enjoy it. The main use of this PC is for gaming and then programming second. I wanted as much power and speed as I could get for my money.

I loved the Corsair case, it has loads of room for everything and more room for anything I want to add in the future, plus it's fantastic quality. I didn't want an outlandish case, just some subtle and refined.

The hardest part of the build was fitting the I/O shield, which I managed to slice my finger on. Finally with some help I managed to get it seated in place.

I decided to go with two SSD drives because simply, the more the better.

The GTX 780 is a beast and I was originally worried about it fitting into the case because of it's sheer size but it fit with no problems.

**More photos and prices to follow.


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