Strictly a gaming rig. Love the ASUS Gene, especially for this tight build. Despite what I read online, you can fit a 280mm rad up top and also 2 140mm fans in the front. Would rather the AIO in the front as an intake but won’t fit... trust me I tried lol. RAM hits the top fan so not able to remove easily as it rests on the removal clip (i'll try and get a picture of it). Regardless of the tight fit, extremely glad on how it turned out. I didn’t want very much RGB if any, hence the choices with the RAM and Fans.

Part Reviews


Runs hot, but love it! Get a cooler that can handle it :)

CPU Cooler

Relatively quiet, quality is there.


Asus put a lot of effort in this MB. Was able to fit everything... kind of.


Case is incredible looking!

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