With a new SSD and Case this iteration is the start of my journey to mod this case into a form I love and upgrade the hardware to 4th Gen Ryzen and Nvidia 3000 series.

However in its current state this build is no slouch.

The build wasn't themed because I was reusing parts however my taste in darker hardware has been consistent making most if not all of the parts black, gray, and silver apart from the case which is white.

The i7-6700K is not far behind current Intel chips while running a 4.5 GHz overclock, it is just lacking cores by modern standards but not a huge deal since the focus is gaming.

The Dark Rock Pro 3 I had purchased just before the Dark Rock Pro 4 had come out which was disappointing because the mounting system on the newer model is so much easier to use. I had some difficult with the mounting process and required assistance in just forcing the screws to grab the back plate.

The motherboard had great reviews and was recommended highly years ago, I did not have the same experience as most... I brought this board used about two and a half years ago for $50 and was using it just fine in a temporary ftp and minecraft server build with the included G4400. My issues started when using the M.2 SSD I did not get the standoff and screw with the board which was entirely on me so I had to wait for screws to arrive from Amazon. Then I mounted the SSD just fine (I have been using M.2 SSDs since my first Rig, This is build #5) and the drive would not detect in the Bios. Going through forums I realized this was a common issue and tried several "solutions" finally I came across and article from 2016 and it had said that the Bios had to be set to SATA Express rather than M.2 and then using the Windows Installation Tool to detect the drive. Despite my doubts this method worked and the drive is now running just as it should.

I have 32GB of G.Skill RAM (Started with 16GB) not because it is necessary but because RAM pricing has been very kind recently so why not.

Talked about the SSD a little and Samsung's reputation precedes them but the 970 Evo Plus is an awesome TLC M.2 NVME drive with enough endurance to last. Pricing on SSDs have been more than affordable so I got the 1TB variant.

The dual 980 Ti's are another used purchase I got both for $500 total when the GTX 1080 initially released. Have worked great just a bit on the warm side.

I recently bought the Fenvi WiFi 6 Wireless Network Adapter. No complaints uses Intel chipset and drivers.

The RM power supply was also a used purchase from a friend great PSU no issues to date.

Windows Pro was supplied by my school technically the "Education Edition"

Extra fan pulled from a scraped Fractal ITX case

Keyboard is great RGB lighting is nice however it just runs a static color because the corsair software as great as it is affects boot times quite a bit.

I have 2 mice because the G502 doesn't like to track on certain surfaces and because I am back and forth between home and school I don't always have a mouse pad. No issues with the MX Master I also use it for classes.

Corsair Void Pros were recommended to me by a friend sound pretty good and the mic good enough for online gaming sessions.

Currently running a very under powered Asus monitor from a long time ago. Planning on getting an Asus TUF 1440p 144hz Panel soon.

Finally the case is a standout. The iBuyPower Snowblind is an NZXT S340 elite with and LCD monitor on the side and the monitor occasionally acts up and the panel is hard to see but I plan on doing some custom work to eliminate the 2nd issue using privacy glass and the first issue seems to go away after Windows is all setup once and for all.

*All temps from full synthetic load, in actual use never go that high.

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Hey, I was wondering how much you'd be looking to get for it.

  • 26 days ago
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Sorry just getting to this, but how much for what?