So after starting gaming from a very young age on PC, to my parent's getting me an Xbox and then a 360 for Christmas (they convinced me it was more high tech and better for games) to gaming on a laptop through college, I finally got a big boy job and built my first PC.

I've had a dream of a rig that can play singleplayer games (where I spent most time) games at 4k60 maxed details, but could turn down details and res for high refresh rate competitive games. Honestly, following PC hardware for so long, I really thought the hardware would be around before I graduated school (2017) and when I finally got my own place, I would just buy something high end (but not top) that matched these specs. Turned out at the time the 1080ti was pretty old already and couldn't cut it and no monitor met my spec, so instead of compromising on my dream and buying old hardware I watched and waited for over a year until last November I finally got all the parts together and built this beast!

Besides gaming, I use it for photo editing and graphic design and would like to get back into more video work, hence the RAM.

The entire process of acquiring parts was years of watching the industry and reading everything about prototype/rumored GPU's and monitors that could hit my 4k60 HDR VRR dream. I grabbed the x27 as soon as I could get my hands on it in July 2018 figuring the price wouldn't drop much or something better come out before the rumored next gen Nividia cards which I assumed would cut my performance threshold if they were even slightly faster than 1080ti. Finally got my hands on a 2080ti after months of stock alerts in late October, but was still holding out for the 9900k (I didn't really need the clock speed for my monitor but why the hell not at the point of the money I was spending) for a few weeks with all the other parts (besides mobo) sitting around.

Finally I set a date for a friend visiting who wanted to build with me and we decided if we could get a 9900k at Microcenter that day we'd do it, otherwise, Ryzen. And so Ryzen it was. Only big problem here was I did not research Ryzen when purchasing my memory and it was too late to send it back...

Ryzen has been amazing, if frustrating to set up. It took me about 6 months to get my memory stable at the rated 3200mhz. I actually ended up with tighter timings than rated once I finally got stable through Ryzen DRAM Calculator and lots of manual tuning and 100% rock solid stability. For the first half year, I was always stable in Windows/productivity and could even pass mem tests, but certain games (Assassin's creed mostly) would crash after a couple hours or so. I just counted it as telling me to take breaks. Still am perplexed how games could crash my memory in ways Memtest and Prime95 could not, but I know it was the memory since setting that to stock would remove the issues and tuning memory (ProcODT was big here) fixed everything.

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  • 5 months ago
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Does the cpu and gpu bottleneck

  • 3 months ago
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I'm running games at 4k, so my GPU is definitely the limiting factor (except in rare cases like AC:Odyssey where I can see CPU spikes to 90%+ rarely). At 1440p, a faster CPU would probably start to make a difference.

  • 5 months ago
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TARUNRMAROONR, im gonna guess it doesn't. The ryzen 7 can handle a lot