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the Big Green Build

by yoshinizu

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Date Published

Dec. 20, 2016

CPU Clock Rate

3.4 GHz

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.19 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

6.61 GHz


at the time of this build these were the parts i could afford with plans to upgrade in the future. 6700 instead of a k skew was due to price and my lack of desire at the time to overclock. also since i got a cheaper motherboard that supports overclocking but is kind of bottom of the line. there are much better boards to overclock on then the one i chose. i just wanted SLI capability at the time of purchase. graphics was cheap and will max out my 1600x900 monitor just fine on any game i have played. granted i want to get a better monitor in the future and at this time i will get a better graphics card to run that setup, but until then.

Part Reviews


good overall CPU, at the time of purchase was even better cause the 6700k was over 400$ while this one was around 300$. now that the 6700k can be found for about 300-320$ the non k sku is almost not even worth it. i am still happy with my purchase and it turbos up to 4ghz with out issues and runs with very little power.

CPU Cooler

i am surprised at how well the cooler master hyper 212 evo cooler works. i have it set up with two corsair sp fans in push/pull config. now this might also be cause the system is not the k sku but my temps are generally in the 40's maybe 50's for the processor.


the ram has worked as good as i wanted it too. i have not tryed to oc the speed past the base of the motherboards 2400 mostly since i feel it is not needed, but if i ever get my hands on a k sku cpu i will definitely be trying.


the case fits everything purchased with room to spare for storage, graphics, and optical drives. not the most room for water cooling but this is alright as i prefer air cooling. the case does squeak or squeal a little after start up until you push in on a side panel. it does not look like it moves but it is enough to get rid of the squeak. not sure where it comes from and i do plan to find out but until then. cable management was okay at best. the holes to route the cables worked for the most part but the left over room behind the motherboard is almost not existent. there are of course many other cases i would rather get now, but until then this one works just fine.

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