Much editing, such gaming, wow (getting minuses) ):

This build was created in late Oct 13' because I needed upgrade from my first build (Athlon 640, 560ti etc.) I picked the 8350 over the 3570k because I was heading into college to do creative media and I run a YouTube channel; so i thought the 8350 would provide me with better render times for my projects. It was designed to be a editing PC that can also run games at nice settings. Because I was on a tight budget, I attempted to save a bit of money by trying to find the cheapest parts e.g. 670 instead of 770.

I got the 670 for £195, not the price listed

The odd rams are because they're temporary while my bro sorts his pc. Also it's fine to mix 1886 and 1333

Incorrect parts (I attempted to find the equivalent)

Second monitor is a ****** old Dell 18.5" (From my brothers pc) not AOC

PSU is an "Akasa Cobra 650w" not Corsair :/


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For the price of the 670 you could have gotten a 770, which has slightly better performance and is a current gen chip. Unless this is an older build of course.

Having two sets of different speed and different sized RAM is generally not a very good idea.

What's up with the pricey 18.5" monitor?

You should also update the description as to tell people decisions behind part choices.

Other than that, the partslist is fairly decent and the wiring looks fine.

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Updated (;

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When was this built? I'm wondering because that GPU is pretty overpriced for what it does right at this moment. GTX 770 2GB version is going for about £250. Also it's weird that you have two sets of different RAM, they also do not offer any expandability. I'm guessing they are from your old system. but since my comment is about 5 times longer than your description, I can't really tell. You're stuck with 8GB, but for gaming that is more than enough.

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This was built 2 months before Christmas, I got the card for £190 somehow (; The extra 4GB ram is just temporary because my bro's PC's hard drive died, so while he sorts it i'm using it :P Also laughing so much at 'my comment is about 5 times longer than your description'

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Alright, makes sense :)

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