This is the final version of my build which I use primarily for gaming. I started with a budget PC in June 2013 (parts picture shown) and slowly became addicted upgrading nearly every part until I got the beauty presented. My first setup was all AMD and I soon realized how Intel and Nvidia’s quality and performance are not something that can be substituted. Besides a possible monitor upgrade or 780 SLI, this is going be my build for a good while now. Enjoy!

CPU – Started with an FX 8350 and switched to the i5-4670k because it seems to be the best valued CPU in the $200 range.

Motherboard – Found out the hard way that you can’t skimp on your motherboard. Wanted to go with an MSI G-65 or Asus Rampage but I needed the wifi and the Z87-Pro is still a good quality board. Memory – Have been contemplating 16GB for a long time but don’t see the need to upgrade anytime in the near future. Basic 1600 mhz

Storage – Started with the HHD wanted the fast load times for games and fast boot so I grabbed the 840 Pro. Got the 840 EVO for a Christmas present and really enjoy the extra SSD space.

Video Card – Went big here. Got the GTX 780 when it was still $650 back in Aug 2013 because my original HD 7950 wasn’t cutting it. Lots of people would say a GTX 780 is overkill for 1080p but they obviously don’t like playing at 60+ FPS on Ultra because it’s not possible without a beast like this.

Case – Started with a cheap case (Thermaltake Snow Edition $40) but I really wanted more space because it seem too crammed and the airflow was weak. I wanted a Phantom 410 from the very start but I’m glad I waited because the Phantom 530 is the same style with really nice upgrades. Removable HHD cages and sliding SSD/HHD brackets is the best invention for cases! Currently rocking eight fans one including the NZXT 200mm. I’m intrigued by water cooling but I don’t think it’s necessary for me since I don’t overclock too much and have so much airflow. Try to convince me otherwise if you want .

Power supply – Started with a little baby Corsair CX 500 and then upgraded to a Cooler Master GX 750w but I felt like the quality was kind of sketchy/shady along with the lack of cable management. I wanted to get the Corsair AX860 platinum but I couldn’t justify the extra $50 for the 3% efficiency boost. Note to all builders - get the modular, it’s so much nicer.

Monitor – Started with this monitor from the beginning and really did like it. Asus makes really nice monitors and there isn’t a reason to upgrade until Gsync or 4k become more readily available for a reasonable price.

Keyboard – Shopped long and hard to find a good keyboard. Wanted a mechanical for obvious reasons, but the price was just too steep for a high quality keyboard. I stumbled upon this little gem of a keyboard. $50 and I have no complaints in almost a year.

Mouse – Had a Logitech MX 518 for almost 5 years and it was amazing. Had to replace it and chose a Razer Deathadder which unfortunately wasn’t the same quality that I was expecting and it quit out on me after about a year. Recently got the Steelseries Rival and wow it feels amazing and the quality seems top notch but only time will tell.

Headset – The reason I tried a Steelseries mouse was because I was so impressed with the Siberiea v2’s. I’ve been trying to find really good headphones for listening to music for 15 years since the Walkman Cd player came out and haven’t had luck with anything under $100. I bought the v2’s for the mic and comfort but it has such good audio too, really amazing, highly recommend.

Any other questions or comments let me know. I really enjoyed the progression of this machine and hope to build another one in 8 years when this system will be an old grandpa. It’s funny how a desire to improve my PC gaming has now become a hobby/obsession for me. Love this website and the community here, thanks again.


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i havent built my computer yet, but it will be soon. I love seeing stuff like this especially upgrades to budget computers. stuff like this is what inspired me to attempt my first build (witch there will be pics of) and to join the online gaming community! Have fun with your new computer dude!!!!