Hey guys, first post here long time stalker.

Took me around a month from initial research to boot up for this build. The computer i'm replacing is 5years old so this is a huge upgrade for me.

CPU : Decided to switch CPU from AMD to Intel with the new Haswell. Even if my old 965BE been good to me im not really impressed with the new 8350. I did read about overclocking heat problems and not being stable but i didnt really see the point of overclocking the cpu. Right now im using the AI Tweakker XMP profile @3.9 and everything is perfect.

Cooling : After the CPU everything followed fairly easy. People were saying you could barely fit the Swiftech h220 top rad on the Fractal Design so i decided to go for Corsair H100i (which is pretty solid after my first night of Prime95 Bleed test highest temp on HWMonitor is 66C). The 3 Corsair AF were simply for black and white theme :D

Motherboard : The look ! I was gonna go for the pro but didnt really care about the 40$ at that point.

Memory : Black Theme. With the XMP profile they are running at 2133Mhz without any problem.

GPU : I wanted those 4 games ! :D Money-Performance wise this is a great card.

Case : This case is awesome.

Storage : 2 OCZ Vertex 4 are set on Raid 0. AS SSD got a reading of 861-911. WD Black 2T for fraps and media. I'm also using a NAS for my HTPC. Nas : HTPC :

This is pretty much it. I installed OS last night did the update ran Prime 95 and HWMonitor during the night to wake up this morning without any failure and steady temps. HURRAY!

Update : 2013-09-03 : Changed GPU for Galaxy GTX 780 'HOFF' Will upload someone picture soon.

Here's the 3D Mark with 326.80 Beta Driver :

Update : 2013-09-11 : There's the update on the GPU 'Hoff Style''


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I was about to say it was too bad you didn't get the HOF edition 780 because the white PCB would look so sexy in that build. Can't wait to see the updated pics.

This is a ridiculously wicked build. I can't wait to get the money to upgrade my case to the Arc Midi R2.

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Thanks a lot, appreciate it.