Currently a build in transition. Upgrading to a 9900k and a 650w power supply.

The scythe fits perfectly and the stock fan blow air in directly from outside the case. I eventually upgraded to a slim noctua 15mm thick fan but I had to remove the dust filter to make it fit. I put duct tape around the vents to get better airflow around the fan intake, as there was space for air to escape.

To make the 2080 Ti fit, I had to unscrew the power cable extender as the gpu cooler was snagging on it. But after installing the gpu, I screwed them back in no problem. Regular 25mm thick case fans didn't fit so I ordered 15mm noctua fans(the same ones that I used for the cpu cooler), they sit right across the gpu fans.

I only have a 450w ps so I didn't oc the cpu much and the gpu is at stock. I managed to clock the cpu's @ 4.7ghz but it was getting really close to the max wattage, so I dialed it down to 4.5ghz. The 7700k is delidded with conductonaut liquid metal between the die and ihs, ihs & cpu cooler.

It's a really tight build, I had to remove the ssd drive cage. I would use an m.2 drive if I had to do it again. Going for a modular power supply is highly recommended. I really love the minimalistic and sleek look of the node 202. If you set up the right fan curves and get noctua's it's virtually silent when just browsing and still very quiet when gaming. Extremely portable(not that much bigger compared to my ps4 pro) and perfect for lan parties.

Coming from an Enthoo Primo, custom loop, cpu and gpu block, it's a nice change. It doesn't run as cool as I'm used to, but it's not that big of a difference.


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hi! what was the clearance of your combo ripjaws + shuriken? Is it possible to fix it correct?

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Do you know what's the powerdraw for your system while gaming?


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960 gigabyte? Just make it 1TB.