This was my first build ever.

My plan was to use it for gaming as well as media center and household workhorse.

So far it's been great though i wish I had a better graphics card but it was within my budget and I can upgrade later.

I like the case alot better than I though I would.

The monitor is fantastic and I got a smoking deal so that made me feel better.


  • 85 months ago
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if you went with a 3570k, you could have put the $100 saved on the graphics card. If you only bought a $150 monitor, you could have used the money saved to get an ssd

  • 84 months ago
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Agreed but I paid $230 for the i7-3770k and $260 for the Monitor. I wanted a good monitor cause generally I keep those a long time. It was my first wack at this so it was a learning experience. In the future the 1st upgrade will be the Graphics card followed by the SSD. Everything else should still be borderline Rockstar at that point as long as I maintain everything well.

  • 79 months ago
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Where did you get that monitor for $260? I'm having a hard time finding a 1900x1200 IPS monitor anywhere close to that price.

  • 77 months ago
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sorry for the late reply but I got it here. It was quite the find. I looked and they have 2 monitors with similar specs but they are ASUS. Please note that the response time is terrible (6ms)but photos look great and I do use it for gaming and it seems fine to me but I'm not hardcore like most people that game are.