Game Machine!!! Spend $1,500 for the upgrade. Only old components are Cooler Master HAF 922 Case, WD 1T HDD, Thermaltake 650 Watts Power Supply, Asus Optical Drive, and Logitech 2.1 Channel 200 Watts Speakers.

I purchased most of the parts from Fry's with price matches from Newegg, Amazon, B&H Photos, etc. At the time Fry's had a promotion for $200 gift card with purchase of iPhone 7, so I bought my mom an iPhone 7 and used the gift card on my computer build. On a separate purchase, my sister bought an iPhone 7 and a MacBook Pro from Best Buys, and they too had a promotion for $300 gift card. After using Best Buy rewards points from the purchase of my sister's iPhone 7 and MacBook Pro (around $350) as well as the $300 gift card from the iPhone 7 promotion, I ended up getting the Asus RT-AC3100, Logitech G933 Headset, Logitech Prodigy G403 Wireless Mouse, and Dell 1440p G-Sync Monitor for free (all items price matched prior to purchasing with rewards points and gift card).

Pretty happy with the price and the silky smooth gaming from this setup. Definitely the best system I've ever owned.

Part Reviews


Blazing fast!!! No Bottle Necking with this CPU/GPU combo. Stable in overclocked/constant turbo mode. Runs a bit hot, but the liquid cooler does its job in keeping the temperature at bay.

CPU Cooler

Keeps everything cool and doesn't take up very much space. Be sure to do a push/pull system with installing, keeping in mind placement of other fans as well as this cooler (i.e. if the liquid cooler is in the back of the system, it should be pushing air out, thus the front fan should be a pulling fan).


Love the bios user interface, very self explanatory and intuitive to use, especially since this is my actual first build doing everything and picking all the parts myself. Used youtube tutorials for all fine tuning in the bios (i.e. boot drive, fan speed settings (needs to be turned off for cpu fan to allow for Corsair Link 4 to control the cpu fan speed and to customize speed curve), DDR4 Ram speed, enabling/disabling turbo boost for CPU, etc.). Also, love the RGB Aura Sync ability; never thought I would like colors so much, but matches well with my other RGB components (i.e. LED case light strips from Phanteks, Drevo Calibur 71 Key Mechanical Keyboard, Logitech Prodigy G403 Wireless Mouse, Logitech G933 Headset).


Was thinking about 32Gb, however, I think 16Gb is plenty as my usage is never over 7Gb in game. I definitely think the overclocking at 3200MHz is worth the extra cost. Would have loved it to have RGB LED, but for it's price, you can't beat it.


Aside from the GPU/CPU, this is the most important upgrade. Computer boots up and shuts down in 3 seconds. Games load infinitely faster. I was told to get the 1Tb as SSDs need about 2/3-1/2 of its space empty for optimal performance. Don't know if there's any truth in that, but since it was on sale and didn't need to pay tax on it, I went for the 1Tb. Plenty of space for my games; currently only used up 300Gb.


This was an older part from the previous build. Only using it as a storage drive. It serves its purpose, but nothing special.

Video Card

Completely blown away by the smoothness in gaming in 1440p @ 144Hz. With fps unlocked, most games run in the 200 fps, while higher demanding games (For Honor, etc.) runs at 100 fps. I was having buyers remorse since the 1080 Ti came out, however, I believe for 2k gaming, the 1080 Super Clocked will be more than sufficient.


This part was also reused from a previous build. Very reliable. All case fans that came with it still runs perfectly after 7 years. Turned off the red LEDs so that my motherboard's RGB with Aura Sync can cycle colors beautifully. Love the mesh design of the front facet.

Power Supply

Seven years old, and still supplying ample and reliable power to my system. Was originally going to pick a more budget friendly power supply, but glad that the sales person talked me into getting this one. Supports everything I throw at it, with enough left over for CPU/GPU overclocking.

Optical Drive

Just a cookie cutter optical drive. Reliable, but nothing special.

Operating System

Creators Update is the bane of my existence. Not liking it, especially with all the issues with the sound device. Currently DTS is not functioning, but good thing there is a way to bypass and have Realtek Sound work.


Killer monitor at a killer price. For $399.99 I don't believe there is a better monitor out there. G-Sync is a must for me after experiencing this monitor. The 144Hz refresh at 1440p makes all games silky smooth; no stuttering, frame tearing, or lag...EVER!!! Perfect in combination with the GeForce GTX 1080 SC.


By far the best mouse I've ever used. It is even smoother than my old wired Razer Abyssus optical mouse. For a wireless mouse, it is better than any wired mouse I've ever used. Battery life is around 30 hours of continuous play which can be increased by turning the RGB LED brightness down or off completely. Love that the color syncs with my headset. No perceivable input lag, never a dropped signal, no interference from other wireless devices. It is a little on the lighter side, however, it comes with adjustable weight.


Never knew that 7.1 was possible on a headset, however, Logitech figured it out beautifully. I hear things on this that I've never heard before on an Astro Gaming headset, which gives me situational awareness in fps games like no other. Battery life is a little short on this one with about 9 hours of continuous play. I tend to never charge the battery while it is half way charged as I've been told it shortens the life of the battery, however, I don't know how much truth there is to that. For now my gaming has to be scheduled around the headset's battery life, but I guess 9 hours isn't bad. Just have to be diligent about checking how much battery is left before every gaming session.


Also from an older build. Use this mainly for music and movies. Love the range of sound from this 2.1 system. Bass hits pretty hard too for a 200 Watt system. I've owned 2.1 systems from Sony, JBL, Harman Kardon, and THX, and the Logitech 2.1 is by far the best bang for the buck. There are better systems out there, but not at this price point.


Wanted to get the Asus AC88U Gaming Router after seeing several reviews saying it is the best gaming router available, however, Best Buys didn't carry it. After some research, found out that the main difference between the AC88U and the AC3100 is the number of LAN ports in the back. With everything else the same, I decided to try the AC3100 and man am I glad I purchased it. I am only supposed to receive internet at 60mbps, however, numerous legitimate speed tests confirm that with the Asus AC3100 I consistently get internet speeds beyond 125mbps. Along with the WTFast application, my ping for fps games are never above 15msec, and more often than not it is at 5-6msec. Additionally, never had I ever had to reset the router for boggled down speed/performance which I had to do everyday with my previous Linksys router. Love Asus's AC3100!!!

PS. Never by Linksys routers. They are crap!


Plugs right in to the RGB pins on my Aura enabled motherboard. Bright and colorful. Only down side is it comes rolled up and while unrolling it the strip cracked where one of the ending magnet fixtures was, thus leading to the 4/5 stars. In the process of RMA and will follow-up with update as soon as possible.


Nothing special, works as intended. Sometimes it disconnects with Drevo Calibur 71 Key Keyboard when I restart the computer, but the keyboard may also be at fault. I can't isolate the issue, thus I cannot say if it is definitively an issue with the BT-400.


Such a surprising find on Amazon. Never heard of this company, but really wanted a mechanical wireless keyboard with RGB to match my mouse, headset, and case. This keyboard is AMAZING!!! No perceivable input lag, crisp and clean actuations, adequate battery life, and customizable RGB lighting without the need for software. It is solidly built and the brown switches are amazing even if it is not a Cherry MX switch. The switches are Outemu, which is an off-brand, but for all intents and purposes, they feel like the Cherry MX switches. The sound is a bit different, but still gives you a fully satisfying mechanical click and tactile feedback during actuations. Battery life is 12 hours of continuous game play, with the ability to go up to 18 hours if RGB is disabled. Charges fully in under 2 hours. Standby time of 14 days. Love the fact that the space bar LED doubles as a low battery indicator, flashing red when there is about 2 hours of battery life left.


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Only thing I gotta say is 1TB ssd is a bit overkill but its your choice.