FYI putting together Saturday. More pictures of inside rig to come. Currently this system is over 300 more at the best prices this site can find. All prices on the left are final out the door price with, tax, shipping. All items were brand new, NOT open box or refurbished.

I started buying parts for this build back in December. I was a total newbie when it came to every detail, and after spending countless hours on and forums. I finally feel confident enough to provide input to others.

I purchased a 24 inch 1ms Asus 144 MHz monitor for the PS3 and the Xbox One back in Nov 2013. Not even realizing or doing research at the time that either platform could not even run at those FPS. Fortunately I made a great decision on the monitor and it will definitely be put to proper use in this build.

This setup will be used for gaming, video editing, streaming, school work, and making EDM music. I did not really have a set budget before starting this, and the more research I did the higher the price was going to get. The struggle.

When it comes to purchases, family and friends come to me because they know I can get them the very best deal on almost any item. I have a few tricks up my sleeve that definitely add up to some serious savings.

Discounted gift cards: there are multiple sites out there that let you buy gift cards for under face value. TigerDirect and Newegg are not good for this because they are usually under 1% off. Wal-Mart and Best Buy are generally around 3 to 5 percent off. One of my favorite websites is Check it out for yourself. I never had a bad card.

Cash back on purchases: There are also sites that give cash back if you purchase from online retailers. My favorite site is they pay you out quarterly for all of your purchases. Here is a list of websites and what they usually give for cash back.

Wal-Mart- 1 to 2 percent Newegg- 1 percent Best Buy- 1 percent Sears- 3 to 6 percent, special holidays like Black Friday 10 percent cash back. So If you know you are going to be buying an item from a certain store, get yourself a discounted gift card for that store, wait for the item to go on sale, use that gift card and use the cash back as well. 1 percent might not seem like a lot, but for just using a click through a middle man to make a purchase you were already making. Why not?

The two items I bought first were the Case and the CPU cooler. I wish I could change these but I already got them and I will put them to use. I purchased them both from with a discounted gift card that I got on eBay for 20% off and got 3 percent cashback from ebates.

Here is the breakdown of every item.

Has tax:

Thor V2 case ( 129.99+7.80 tax, free ship =137.79*.8 = 110.23 - 3% cashback for 3.90= 106.33

CPU Cooler H-55 ( 68.34+4.10 tax, free ship=72.44 *.8=57.95-3% cashback for 2.05= 55.90

CPU 4790k (Micro Center) 279.99 + 6% sales tax= 296.79

Hero VII motherboard (Micro Center) 219.99 -40 for CPU and MB combo =179.99 + 6% sales tax= 190.79

Thermal Compound (Micro Center) 6.99 +6% sales tax – 7.41

Logitech MK520 Combo (Best Buy) on sale 29.99 +1.8 tax, free ship=31.79 -1% cashback on subtotal and then purchase discounted gift cards on to save additional 5.1% off totaling = 29.87

1TB Storage Drive- ( 69.99-13 coupon=56.99+3.42 tax, free shipping =60.41 -2% cashback on subtotal. For the additional discount I preordered Halo MCC and received a 25 dollar egift card. I used the gift card on this order and knocked the price down to 34.27 (they still do the preorder gift cards)

No Tax and Free shipping

G Skill Trident Memory 2x8 2400 ( 154.99 – 20 coupon – 1% cashback = 133.35

HX850 ( sale 134.99 –20 coupon-10coupon=104.99-1% cashback -20 mail in rebate 83.94

MSI Lightning GPU ( 329.99 -1% cashback -30 mail in rebate = 296.69

Asus Optical Drive- ( 14.99-1% cashback = 14.85

EVO 850/250 gig SSD ( sale for 109.99-10 coupon -20 mail in rebate-1% cashback = 78.99

No tax Paid Shipping

OCZ 240 gig SSD ( 129.99- 10 coupon +4.22 shipping -70 dollar mail in rebate -20 dollar mail in rebate. Totaling= 34.97

This is the offer with the McAfee, credit card activation. I will activate and then cancel when the time has come to do so. I also made a new account with to take advantage of the 10 dollar coupon again, but that email address did not link of to my ebates account so I couldn’t get the cashback on this order.

Finally the monitor. I work for Wal-Mart and receive a 10 percent discount on items. Notice how I didn’t use the discount for the other items purchase? Well that’s because 1 of 2 things, Wal-Mart doesn’t carry this top notch stuff, or even with the discount and gift cards and cash back Wal-Mart was still more expensive.
For this item purchased well over a year prior to this build I did use Wal-Mart though.

VG248QE ( on Nov 19th 2013 price was 266.99 *.9 + 14.42 (6% tax) = 254.71 discounted gift cards 3% off and 3% cash back on the subtotal of 240.29 from ebates.
Also back then ebates gave 1$ cashback for orders on That was nice, but they stopped giving that on ebates. Total= 237.31

I will be building this machine this weekend for my first build ever. I am also looking to run a Raid 0 with the SSD’s for the OS and games. The storage will be for music, movies, and other items that don’t need speed. The OS will be Win 7 Ultimate. If I were to purchase an operating system I would use my student mailing ID to get Windows 801 Professional for students for 69.99 then get 3.5% cashback from ebates on that purchase. I have been looking for discounted Microsoft store online gift cards but have yet to find any. Newegg used to put them on special every now and again.

The graphics card for all you GPU crazies…. I think for 297 the Lightning 290X was the best bang for my buck. There are a lot of benchmarks out there that this is supposed to be one of the best and will eat up many GPU's at a higher price tag.

I might add a second lightning down the road, if I add another monitor or switch over to 4k, but then I will have to switch my power supply to at least a 1000 since the estimated wattage was like 844 or something close to that.
If you took the time to go through all of this I commend you, and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Greg, 32, PA

Here's that coupon code I use for TigerDirect for 10 off 100. I'm not sure how long its good for.

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I like the case, It has that aggressive look to it

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  • 60 months ago
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Nice completed build....oh wait

  • 59 months ago
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There it is!

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Why are there no pictures of the build?

  • 59 months ago
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Sorry bout that, here are some.

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  • 59 months ago
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This was a lot more work than I thought. Enjoyed the time though.