With this build i went for something small, i don't have a lot of room but enough to put a small PC in. I set out for something powerful as well as small. I looked around for cases that looked sleek as well and came across fractal. I always said i didn't want something crazy looking with hundreds of blue LED smashing you in the face from the second you look at it so going with the arc mini R2 was a great option because it has great airflow and comes with three quite series fans that look nice with the white blades and black case, plus a three stage (3V 7V 12V) fan controller was a bonus, Oh and the dust filters is a nice touch. Next i went to look at CPU's, Now the big hype with intel and AMD confused me a lot, AMD has more bang for the buck but why? For the price of a I5 you coud get a AMD fx 9 series CPU which has 8 cores and better clock rate soo why so much cheaper. I still in fact have no idea why but i just sort of pointed my finger at one and clicked buy because it has a fancy amount of cores (Probably so i could have a one up my my friends) and went to check out. Really i had a reason to buy everything apart from my CPU and RAM. Motherboard is just the mATX one that has USB 3.0 and four RAM slots. Now RAM again i could not give a toss. All i got told is get "1600mhz at CL 9" so i did, and this was the cheapest. SSD, Wanted to chuck my OS on it (windows 8.1) and probably a game or two. GPU threw me through hell and back. No one could help because no one has a clue whats better then what. I posted on ten forums and everything just said "whats your budget?" i told them and then probally went on here and just put it on price order and if they were a nvidia fan boy say a " GTX 760" or a AMD fan boy go "7950" then the new AMD cards came out and the 280x so i looked up what the prices were and just bought one. everything else is quite standard and if you changed it, it would not make a difference to performance. Just got one purple fan in the back to light up the GPU and i went with purple because its dark and not in your face.

Just saying this PC runs extremely well. Don't have any problems with any games. I did take some photos but there a bit shite. The last two are, i guess benchmarks of Battlefield 4. I steady get 70-80 FPS on most maps and a bit higher on some of the indoor ones. Dayz standalone i will get a steady frame rate in Cherno and Electro of around 40 FPS and 50 in forest and woods.


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IMO, when looking for a gpu, look up some benchmarks at whatever resolution you're gonna game at. When you see that a gpu is performing well with the games you want to play then it's a good choice, there is also almost never a bad choice if you're picking from newer cards and the previous gen cards.

That being said I like your build although i'm not a huge fan of micro-atx

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I know this is an old build but can you post a picture of the system with the window on and the components installed. Or can you tell me how noticeable the brown motherboard is in this case?

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How much did you pay for that monitor?

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