My current used PC. I use it for every-day tasks such as schoolwork. I work with AutoDesk applications all the time, things such as Inventor and Revit. Schoolwork isn't all I do, however. As the title implies, I do quite a bit of gaming on this PC too. I still have plans for future upgrading, but most of the hardware is staying. Here is the list for the upgrade plans: AMD Gaming Rig Plan

Part Reviews


Quite a fast processor for what I do with it, however the thermals aren't too great


Wonderful motherboard, has enough PCIe and SATA-6 slots for almost my every need.


Not the fastest RAM, I bought mine refurbished, however. Still, It gets the job done, and with 2 of these 2x4 Gb kits I have enough RAM to run just about any game, and most RAM-intensive AutoDesk applications.


Yea, it's a hard drive, not the best load times, quite slow actually.

Video Card

Amazing GPU, and honestly, it takes any load I throw at it like a champ.


Not the best case, made of plastic, has an acrylic panel instead of tempered glass, but for the pricepoint, not bad at all. RGB looks really good too. it supports up to only a 240mm radiator, which isn't bad but is also not the best. The shroud at the bottom, however, has a hole in the front, making the side of your power supply visible. That feature can be useful if you have something like the ASUS ROG Thor power supply with its OLED display on the side, and the external RGB highlights. If you are feeling lucky, you can also cram 7x120mm fans into this case. Not a bad case overall.

Operating System

It's windows, people, what more do you want to say?


Honestly, it is a good monitor for what I use it for. Integrated speakers are pretty bad, however.


Currently the best USB mouse I've used so far, performance and ergonomically.


For my area, this can provide the best LAN connection I can probably get through my provider. In games, my ping is usually below 50 ms, and connecting to websites is never a problem. However, the unit does have passive cooling, and while playing online games, tends to heat up a lot. Also, the power supply wall mount is honestly just not convenient for plugging into a power strip.


It's an old IBM thinkvision monitor, it sucks, but hey, it gets the job done. plugged into my old R7-240, it makes for a good monitor to put discord on.


Good speakers for the price, they sound a lot better than the speakers that are in the monitor I have. However, the cables are flimsy and feel like if you tug a tad bit too hard they'll come out.


It's a slow GPU, has only 2Gb DDR3 VRAM, and honestly unless you have a spare IBM thinkvision VGA monitor lying around and your AMD RX590 doesn't have a VGA port, I wouldn't use it.


Great headset for the price point. Microphone is pretty good too. Gets a bit uncomfortable after extended wear, and the cable sometimes feels not long enough. The cable is braided too, which is a plus to look at.


Non-modular, and not rated at all, but the claims it makes are true to what they say. Plus the cables have a braided sleeve which helps a lot with cable management.

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  • 4 months ago
  • 2 points

Regarding that old monitor you're using, don't you think you could've used an HDMI to VGA adapter instead of adding the R7 240?

Aside from that, nice build.

  • 4 months ago
  • 1 point

I am planning on just getting a second matching monitor and ditching the second old card all together, however I don't have the money and I’m too stubborn to get an adapter so I’m waiting till Christmas to get the new monitor. But yes an adapter would be a good idea.

  • 4 months ago
  • 2 points

How many fans does the case come with?

  • 3 months ago
  • 1 point

The case only came with 1 fan, however I salvaged a few fans from one of my older prebuilt PC's.