One of my more recent builds, I put this together pretty much purely for fun alongside one I was building for my roommate as his Christmas gift. I already have a personal rig with a Ryzen 3700X and 2080Ti STRIX OC, but fell in love with building PCs after that experience.

I wanted to keep the budget around $1000-1100, and found some deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday to accomplish this goal, despite the PCPartPicker total.

Building in the H210 was, for the most part, pretty straightforward. It is built extremely well for the price! My recommendation for it, though, would be to use a SFF PSU to create more space for any extra cabling, especially if using extensions like I did. Other than that, the GPU temperatures under load are actually quite respectable after an undervolt (2000MHz @ 1.025V, settles in at 1947-1960MHz once it warms up), considering the 1070Ti I bought is a blower and doesn't have a ton clearance above the PSU shroud. The CPU stays quite chilly with the AIO fans at 80% fan speed (still mostly inaudible), idling between 28-32C, and in the 40s-50s while gaming.

The name Yin and Yang just merely comes from the fact that the case/build is made up of primarily black and white LEDs/fans/cables/etc. and I thought it was quite fitting.

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Nice build

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Thank you so much! :)