I wanted to achieve a fast and reliable build which offered me Moderate FPS In games and could run 3D Design tools such as CAD and sketch up, not really demanding but hey.

I only had issues with the 240mm cooler reaching the top of the mobo and was very close to my beefy ram, Ram I got at a very good deal for only £34 don't know where though, might have been through Amazon. However the ram would be running at a lower refresh rate so I increased power to it and it runs fine now.

Will update Prices and performance as soon as I have finish OC and Finsihed installing extra fans and a harddrive as I only have the SSD in now as the HHD hasn't come yet, Thx Amazon :D

CSGO @ 190 FPS

GTAV @ 56 FPS High-Medium settings

If any parts seem overkill, (CPU Cooler), I wanted this so I could keep the CPU Icey at a decent OC of around ~4.8ghz.

However I am havi issues from the amount of power being recieved from the wall plug as its running other devices, not ideal.


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lol I have like all the same parts in my build that I'm saving for. Any thoughts or things I should consider for my build? Thanks in advance

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Think about the GPU at this price point. A 970 could have been crammed in, but its not for 1080 100fps just the casual csgo or arma match here and there. Just wanted something to last me and perform moderately.

But hell does the AIO cooler make a racket