This is my first full build outside of tinkering around with an older dell. Initially was planning a more modest build that would reuse a few parts I had in my Dell but it quickly became more. Will be using this for gaming now that iv seen how Much better graphically it is compared to my ps4.Only problem I had with it, is that the cpu opt header on the board is as faulty and won't power a fan unless its barley even connected. I'm a bit disappointed with asus for that but for the trouble and hassle to rma it I just got a braided extension and plugged into another header. I am looking at dropping a bigger psu in it to be able to go sli when the prices go down a bit more and putting the ROG front base in whenever it comes out.


  • 71 months ago
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Great build but could definitely use some love from that description box. Here's a +1 for motivation!