All the parts fit nicely, I didn't have any trouble with that part of the build. The H150i is big, I've used the H100i GXT in the past on my old computer but this guy is way bigger. The only trouble with it is that I tried to mount 3 fans on each side but the PSU shroud in the Spec-Omega blocked the way of that. So 3 RGB fans on the front and then 2 stock cooler fans on the back. I could perhaps mount it to the top but then the GPU fan won't have enough space. I haven't ran any benchmarks on it yet, but it runs everything perfectly on high and some games on ultra at 144FPS. I'm using an Acer Monitor with 144Hz and freesync enable and it looks buttery smooth. I managed to get a 1080 Ti for only 500 bucks barely used off of a gentleman which helped save a few hundred dollars instead of buying it from Corsair directly. The Samsung 970 Evo M.2's are lightning fast compared to the 860 Evo 2.5" drives I have used in the past. I highly recommend picking up some 970 Evo's. I went a little over board with the 1000 Watt PSU, I wanted to future proof it in case I upgrade to a bigger graphics card. That wont be for a few years though, I hope the 1080 Ti lasts for a while. I love the Red and Black theme with this build and set all the LED's to red to match the motherboard and RAM. And then bought some custom colored power cables to run to the components and motherboard. The only downside is you can't connect them directly out of the PSU so there is a ton of unneeded cables under the shroud and the back of the case was hard to put on because of that. Overall I loved building this PC and I'm super proud in how it turned out and it looks amazing!

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