This is my first build outside of my job, I've been building very basic pc's (probably around 25 or so) at work over the past few months. My girlfriend needed a new computer so I decided to help her build it. She doesn't play a ton of games but she wanted something good enough for when she does, she's mostly into the Sims and some older turn based strategy games. She's also a budding graphic artist and will be using a bunch of adobe programs.

To begin with the case she's had for quite awhile but wanted to keep (against my strongest protests!). The processor is fairly priced and very well reviewed, the value was a good fit for this build, plus she will not be overclocking. I do regret letting her pick out some of these parts but it's her build so she should have final say. The motherboard was a regret, a good price for a good board but I think we could've got a cheaper one. It has CF support though and that's something that we'll probably do in the future. SSD was a bit out of the budget so just a large HDD that was well priced. Also threw in another 500gb HDD that I had already. Video card I think is perfect for her needs, and not too expensive. Psu was well reviewed and a decent price and over what we needed in regards to wattage, I'm fairly certain it will leave us enough room to put in a second GPU (any input here?). She already had two optical drives that she wanted to keep in there also. 16 gb of ram, 2 new case fans (one that I already had), windows 7, and dual monitors round out the parts list.

My cable management was pretty shoddy, although with that case it was not easy. Took about 3-4 hours mainly because I was showing her how everything went in and worked. I will put up cpu and gpu temperatures next time I can get on the computer.

One last thing, I never could've built this without the help from this site and looking at other peoples' builds on here, thanks to the folks who run this awesome website and thanks to everyone who posts builds for the inspiration! And any input/constructive criticism is greatly appreciated, thanks!


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What a wonderful boyfriend you are! +1 for looking out for the girlfriend, and it looks like a nice build to boot!

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I had that same case for my last computer. Can agree that it had poor cable management and not enough room for fans but it was cheap and came with a really decent power supply. anyway I had it for ten years. Just replaced it with a new case for my most recent build. Don't know why I put it off so long.