I bought the A10 Trinity (A10-5800k) on sale, just weeks before Kaveri came out. Can't afford Richland or Kaveri at this time :(

All parts except APU and RAM bought in Panama, as it is almost the same to buy stuff from Amazon/Newegg and shipping it here as it does to buy it here, and the case/power supply simply weigh too much. SSD came from a previous build.

Trying to determine if Hyper 212 EVO will fit in the N200 case; cooler is 158.5 mm and case states it can accommodate a cooler of 160 mm. Edit: The Hyper 212 Plus will fit, but just barely (both coolers have a height of 158.5 mm) ( ).

Photos of this build are uploaded now.

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  • 53 months ago
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This case has a flawed power switch on the front bezel, it gets stuck and I have to take the entire bezel off to fix it. Really regretting getting this case now.