This is a build I recently made for my older brother as a sort of moving out gift. He will soon be moving into his own place and I figured this was a great opportunity to get him something he will need in a computer, and pay him back for all he has done for me over the years. This is my third build, but my first build I have done completely by myself. Overall the build cost me just over $800 Canadian and I am happy with how it has run and so is my brother. I will now explain each part below. PS sorry for the bad pictures.

CPU- My previous two builds had been based on an Intel platform and this was my first AMD build. I wanted to try AMD and the processor I went with was the FX-4300. I went with this as it is a solid quad core CPU on the AM3+ platform. I would have liked to go with the FX-6300 but at the time of purchase it was $30 more than the 4300 which I was able to pick up on sale $99. The 4300 also only has a 95w TDP compared to the cheaper but similar 125w FX-4130. The processor seems to be quick and the only issue I have with it is the temperature readings I am getting. With both HWMonitor and CoreTemp I am getting temperatures anywhere from N/A to 1 degree Celsius to 10 Celsius. If you know why this is happening, please comment.

Motherboard- I went with the MSI 970A-G43 motherboard because it had decent reviews and was cheap. An added bonus was the USB 3.0 header and SATA III. Overall the board seems to be solid, but my only complaint is the lack of VRM heat sinks next to the CPU. Although this is my fault for not researching and I just hope it doesn't become an issue in the long run.

Memory- Yes I decided to go with only 4gb of ram... but this will last my brother until Christmas when I can buy him another 4gb stick and Christmas shopping will be done! Its also blue which an added bonus.

Hard Drive- I am very impressed with WD and this drive. Not because it has outstanding performance or anything special (it is a very solid drive so far by the way) but because of the packaging that it came in. The packaging was SUBSTANTIALLY BETTER than the Seagate Barracuda drive that I have in my personal build. They both work fine, but I like having the added security in knowing that my drive is safe while being shipped.

Video Card- Although I haven't used it much the 750 seems to be a solid card and definitely more than enough power than my brother will need on his 1366x768 resolution tv. I was originally going to go with the EVGA 750 as it has a display port for G-Sync, but I decided that my brother would not even utilize it so I decided to go with the MSI 750 which seems to have better cooling for more overclocking head room. Part of me doesn't want to admit it, but I also went with this card over the EVGA one due to the fact that it was a full length card, and it had the MSI logo on it which looks nice in the window. Looking back perhaps I should have gone for the 750 ti as it would handle 1080p gaming better if my brother ever upgrades to a monitor, but for now the 750 will do the job.

Case- The NZXT Source 210 Window case was very nice to work with. For a $50.00 case this is a very solid choice for any budget build. In comparison with my Rosewill Challenger U3 case I would definitely go with the NZXT option again. The window is beautiful, cable management was surprisingly good even with a non modular power supply, and it provides a very clean sleek look.

Power Supply- Before I get destroyed for going with 630w I was to say that I bought this from a friend who had just recently upgraded his build and had this laying around. I do realize that for this build 630w is overkill, but it will leave room for upgrades in the future, and it was the cheapest option. Even the Corsair CX 430 would be more expensive with shipping before rebate.

Optical Drive- It works. Only reason it was added was because my brother may get some use out of it with dvd's or something.

Operating System- My brother had a windows 8 laptop and hated it, so I went with 7. I think it is his favorite part of the build.

Case fans- Went with the blue Corsair AF 120's. They move air, are decently quiet, and give the case a nice look. I have the fans on the top and the back as exhaust, and the front fan as intake. My only complaint is that due to the case the front fan is not moving much air, but that is not the fan's fault.

Wireless Adapter- It does its job. Very simple installation as well.

Cable Extension- I thought I would need to route the CPU supplemental power cable cable behind the motherboard tray because with my Rosewill Hive psu the cord wasn't long enough, but it turned out that on the Rosewill Green 630w the cable was long enough. I decided to use the extension anyways as I had no other use for it.

In conclusion I and my brother are both very happy with the build. It it 10x faster than anything he has ever used before and it has room for upgrades in the future. Aesthetically it looks very nice and I am proud of the cable management. In my opinion it looks better in person as my phone camera doesn't do it justice. Sorry for the essay, and if you have made it this far I give you props!

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  • 71 months ago
  • 1 point

Amazing Job! I really like it, but I have one question...Why skimp out on the CPU when if you didn't buy the optical drive, you could have had a better CPU?

Other than that, great job. Solid build. I hope your brother likes it as much as I do.

  • 71 months ago
  • 1 point

That's a good point that I never really thought of. I agree with you that perhaps that could have been a good option and it could have saved enough for a Fx 6300, I am happy enough with the 4300 and he may get some use out of the optical drive.

  • 71 months ago
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Perhaps putting a fan with a higher static pressure up front would improve air draw? Although this may be a solution looking for a problem if your case temps are fine.

  • 71 months ago
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this is really close to my build interior wise, nice and solid build.

only thing is to add another 4GB stick of Vengeance ram, that stuff is gold.