Built this for my younger teen brother after months of asking. Was honestly reluctant in getting him one after seeing how attached he was to his video games before the summer. He constantly hated the fact he would be spending his summer abroad away from them. When he returned, he had lost a significant amount of weight. In order to motivate him to continue the healthy habit, we agreed that every pound lost by thanksgiving time will equal $100 in the PC budget. In return, I also get motivation to working out again.

With 4 lbs. shredded, we started to look around for some deals in the price range. Everything I bought was discounted for the holidays (pretty sure not all were at their lowest prices but whatever). Only thing not discounted was the Aorus motherboard. I went with a renewed MOBO from Amazon Warehouse to save a lot.

First time we had connected everything, all fans were working but we got no post :O

Thought that since it was our first time, we had just missed something crucial. Watched a build guide, couldn't find anything. We read troubleshooting forums. Cleared CMOS by removing the MOBO battery, nothing. Removed RAM, switching it around, nothing. I did notice a red light on the MOBO indicating CPU problem. And I thought "No way could AMD send me a faulty APU from the factory". I couldn't be sure unless I called AMD. On a side-note, why is the processor lined against the wall of the box, potentially leaving a vulnerable window to get struck? Back to the call, AMD were quick and kind to offer a free replacement, but they also warned it can be a MOBO issue.

Called up Gigabyte, and they were also quick and kind to offer a free replacement. My final call was to Amazon to ask for those replacements. Really happy that all companies involved were so nice and easy to talk to. Now my only pain was rebuilding this whole thing again. Very likely could have been avoided if I didn't try to save money through a used MOBO. But the used MOBO replacement worked this time. I'm trying to see this as time being reinvested in more PC building experience.

I have Windows 10 Education installed thanks to my university offering it for free. Some benefit for going to an expensive college.

Now for performance, first thing noticed is the fast boot time. It takes 8-9 seconds. I only use the computer for watching videos and studying so I can’t really give much claim about gaming. My brother has been able to play many games much more smoothly than before he says. His most beloved CSGO runs higher than 60 FPS. He is also able to play GTA V at a consistent 31 FPS. Rainbow 6, Minecraft, Gears 5, SuperHot, Human Fall Flat run quite smoothly if kept on normal settings. STEEP which looks like an amazing game needs more graphics memory than just the 2GB that the 2400G allocates if you want to run above the low settings. I know he will eventually want to get a discrete GPU as he is convinced FPS really matters. He will be saving up his own money.

Any recommendations would be appreciated!

All prices listed are with tax included

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