well this is my PC i have built and well i love it and have no need for upgrades it runs everything at great frame rates and with the powerful ssd it gets the games started in no time flat also starting up the PC is just insanely fast. also i know 32 gigs of ram is alot but i play vr and it is needed IMO personal i have the 980ti but the price does not show on it so i put the 1080 sure that would just run that much better i use UserBenchMark to test my PC as it is overclocked and well i test in the top 85 sometimes 97 depends on the day for my GPU and top 85 sometimes 90 depending on how hard i run it for the CPU and top 80 or higher for the rest it has ratings on there UFO being the top and thats what i run in on all categorizes besides work station . now the only thing else is the case its not perfect its just okay its kind on well boring looking tbh its not bad it does keep my parts nice and cool. as for my desks i got them from versa table and there close to about 400 they are high adj and has good cable management, i also have the blue yeti with the pop filter and jbl speaker and for the headphones i have 2 amps so they work properly i have added a Xbox one controller that came with my oculus rift that i love i have 2 sensors for them and i have 2 stands for my headphones and my oculus all together it is about a 5600 dollar build i will add some pics to this. i would love to hear your thoughts about this so please do comment.

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  • 29 months ago
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Nice build!

what desk is that?

  • 27 months ago
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versa table is a website i got it on