This setup was built with photo editing and max-setting gaming in mind. My primary game is Destiny 2, and with this build it runs at max settings with no problems. Photo editing can be both CPU and GPU intensive, but the i7-9700k and 2060 Super have performed flawlessly.

The theme is green/white/black, built into a Thermaltake P3 TG case. The GPU is mounted vertically using a PCIe riser cable. The CPU is mounted in a Prime Z390-A from ASUS, and cooled with a U14S from Noctua. The single case fan in the bottom right was added after the build was complete and is there simply to take up chassis space and balance the white with the black and green. (The case is open-sided and built with water cooling in mind. Without a radiator, there's a large open space on the right side - this is taken up by the HDD and extraneous case fan in this build.) Storage is provided by a 1TB NVMe P1 SSD from Crucial, and a 2TB Barracuda Compute from Seagate. RAW file master storage is on two 8TB external drives over USB 3.1 gen 2 from WD.

The CPU is overclocked to 5.0GHz on all cores, and maxes out at ~65C during stress testing and benchmarking.

The last few changes will be a Noctua NC-6 chromax cover for the CPU heatsink, and a fan to replace the beige/brown stock Noctua fan.

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